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with a palm that reads like an application.
They'll strip-mine what they can.
In the end we're nothing more than human resources.
Counting my days until it's my turn

Aboard this flagship
We are prisoners of war
Used as human resources
We haven't come very far

There's no more
crime reports.
We are history.
We won't be alone.

We are not folklore.
We are culture.
We won't be alone.
We are not human resources.
We are
of armies by day
It is a system which has conscripted
Vast human and material resources
Into the building of a tightly knit
Highly efficient machine that
of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly-knit, highly efficient machine that
And the way it's panned is cool
But when I get back home to you
There's got to be something more than that too

The human resource clerk
Has two cigarettes
And the way it's panned is cool
But when I get back home to you
There's got to be something more than that too

The human resource clerk
Has two cigarettes
Lest we forget why I'm sitting here
My letter to the Human Resources Department says:
"You started a war so you'll get what you started"

I'm only
This is human condition
Of resource scarcity
We've always been fighting
To sustain our needs

Life is beautiful
But we're outside our means
cares not
For the human resources
That he exhausts

she's receiving a raise
And the corporation
Praises her for her
Steadfast dedication
His conscience is
Those few who survived
Trapped by human madness
Deep in cover underground

Resources end is near
Water undrinkable poison
A planet screaming
being of the people, 
it's only about profit, everything else, their image, 
their human resources, their public relations, 
only exist to protect
Over-population by the human race
Used the resources on the planetĺs face.
But wait till we get into outer space
The masses just mull around and exist day to day
your own resource, intergalactic deathray!

Yea, humans do you feel the groove?
Infinite void of infinite parallels, into your mind!

No returns, no
developed nations
Has been gained at the expense of the Third World
From whom natural resources, both mineral and human,
Have been unscrupulously
Temperatures exceeding hot both land and people start to rot
Can't provide for themselves because resources are so nil
I sympathize it's enough
like dirt, her resources being exhausted
Ant-like astronauts, of the human race, scratch and scar the moon's beautiful face
My brother, the sun, he
"Oh, that's good to know."
"You are wisdom, you are love."

Human civilization is in a state of hibernation,
We'll grow to know the planets
your sign
Will be high
I will follow you
Lady of lies

Under your guide
I dominate
You, Lady of lies
Discover my resources
Still unknown

Oh lady of lies
This human virus is a nasty contagion
We spread our cancer as we multiply
Our sightless hubris will crush civilization
Soon we'll be harvesting
and you never evolve?
It's over soon for humans, one and all
The facts have shown all resources you waste
Our eyes have seen all your greed and distaste

Oh, and love is just an institution based on human frailty
What's your paradise gotta do with Adam and Eve?

Maybe love is just an economy
seeds consuming resources and time: what about the next 100 fucking years? human it won't be long until your clock is dead and the comets fall like rain
I gave my life for you
To save your own resources
You killed your former tribes
That kept you on the way
It's been a toy of talk
Of people far
Predetermining the fates of future generations
Heed their warnings now, all humans bear the cost
The clergy of doom, the prophets of loss

Ave Delphinus