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Conquest of the Irrational (DJ Vadim) · Irrational Anthems (Skyclad)

The summer's here,
You want to feel somebody

Irrational impulses

The summer's here,
You want to feel somebody

The summer's here,
You want
rational proof

Song for the irrational
Song for the irrational
Song for the irrational

Cause you say you want something rational
And you say you need
I feel irrational
Songtext I feel irrational
Nobody, nobody, nobody, no one's excluded
I feel irrational
Lyrics I feel irrational

Vanity, activity,
Let's return to a place that we used to know
An irrational place where we used to go
There's a place in my heart where the past awfully sings
Here it comes
Once again
I give in
Expands within
Little voices start to begin

Everyone's out to take your joy away
thoughts irrational actions
Overwhelmed amidst confusion
Cry for hope total despair
Reaching out who will care

Emotions will ascend by divine intervention
with wonder
Wonder oh um oh

Pledge of allegiance everybody stand up 
This is a Irrational Anthem 
We don't care if they don't understand
We will find this heavy hearted rate hardly seems sensible. 
All the pro's have gathered here today to diagnose that we have lost our way.
become irrational 
I've gone mental
Mental mental 
I've gone mental
true to you
What she hides she denies
But you'll never question why


She's so hypocritical
She talks illogical
She's irrational
Non angelical
And I am craving this disaster

I feel irrational
So confrontational
To tell the truth I am 
Getting away with murder
It is impossible
To never
Shadows of irrational dread 
Sensing worms in lust, blood eyed 
The source of my cold existence 
Forming, completing my dark side 
Overwhelmed by
irrational words
I saw my self, into unknown I have to stay sometimes alone
the air this is your end
I choose the best irrational experiment
Get up early...
Into the room panic around you pain just arrives
Terror in your eyes you
Irrational impulses

The summer is here
You wanna feel somebody
The summer is here
You wanna feel somebody

The summer is here
You wanna feel
Authority is populist deceit
Pity yet another casualty's demoralized decline
Just a victim of irrational design


Is your very existence shackled by an irrational fear of hell?
Terrified of suicide but desiring death as well?
Can't they see there are
this moment marks the severing of sences 
comatose distinctions the gathering of flies on an 
irrational mind filled with broken conviction i've
to break the chains 
We talk a lot , we break high ground, high ground no shame 
Maybe there's no need to fight against the chains
Rations of irrational
of pain
Wrestling pointless moral issues

Erratic and eccentric
Still predictable
Your sense of isolation
Cause irrational behaviour

The closer I got
The further I want, disturbing or not,
To be away from
This irrational excuse for a futile
Walk around
In circles
breaks free
A mournful expansion
Saneless theory

Those detractors unnatural order
Erratic recursion of thought
Irrational change, the aspect of life
No stranger to tears
No stranger to irrational fears
No stranger to you
Thinking the unspeakable I'm craving to do
I feel your anguish
I feel your
And hide signs of probable cause
Will you destroy, today
To outshine yesterday?
Will you now?

Believe me I have noticed
Your irrational behavior
Could it be
transparent phantoms,
This wayward son's irrational anthems.

Not worth spending quantity time,
Life is hunger, life is pain.
Never ending quantity time,