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-Muir-Trujillo- (1:15)
(Sarsippius talks, also not printed)
no one's alive

Bring me 115


Verse 2

You stand for nothing and

overlooked something

I'll bring you down all on my own


the day that I die
I'm pullin' out nappy weeds
all bitches can fry

11/5 keep it real
11/5 keep it real
11/5 keep it real
I bet you never heard
I'm leaving on the 1:15
You're darn right
Since I was seventeen
I've had no one over me
He says "Anima rising-
So what-
Petrified wood process
You are 17
Itchy trigger
You growing longer
You growing stronger
You shed your skin
Now shed this

Come on over baby
You tell
Esta locura no se puede parar
Esta locura no se puede parar

Todo el boliche se había incendiado
Y el 115 daba ocupado
Llegó la yuta a cortar el lío
A change of heart

for a change
A difference
For something real

for a change
A difference
It's the way it feels

1:15 - my band broke up
3:07 -
Here's room 506
It's enough to make you sick
Bridget's all wrapped up in foil
You wonder if she can uncoil

Here's room 115
Filled with S & M Queens
Gegend nicht dafür vorgesehen ist
Daß freundliche Menschen sich in ihr
Gegenseitig gut verstehen
1:15 - 1:30 - 1:45
Manche sagen dreiviertelzwei
the best already

The train comes at 1:15
He said "Maybe I'll leave. Give you time, let you think."
Don't know just what he wants
'Cause I'm all that
I can't hit, got to see Misdemean
Here I am out in the middle of Queens
Damn near about 1:15
Now I'm leaving Queens about 3:15
Hopin I can hit one
Here they come now
Chelsea Girls

Here's Room 115
Filled with S & M queens
Magic marker row
You wonder just high they go.

Here they come
Nehemiah 9:26-27,31
James 1:15
Romans 8:18-23
Psalm 107:10-16
Jeah, another Tay da Tight hit

11/5's in the motherfuckin house (4x)

Well I started off a hustla indo smokin
Weed in my lungs so a nigga kept
Yeah, my girl get in at 1:15 am
The guitar's crying right now
Just a couple things going on in my life, you know

Brim leaning, cup tilted, blunt
Yeah, my girl get in at 1:15 am
The guitar's crying right now
Just a couple things going on in my life, you know

Brim leaning, cup tilted, blunt
I count the cases piled up high
For the 1:15.
For platform and for passerby
It's the same routine.
I'm ranting while I'm raving,
There's nothing here
who died and bled from you
Colossians 1:15 that's the God that I trust in
The Father crushed Him
In doing so he has crushed sin
to keep her butt tight!
And she got a 9 to 5, left the club at 1:15
All she hear is bullshit in both ears,
But I’m trying to get in between.

I just
on now special delivery
(I need that)
Child of the Ghetto special delivery
(Can I have that?)
115 Harlem's finest special delivery
(Well give it
he combed his hair and then put his hat back on. 
he's acting nonchalant up there in that cockpit, going 115 
miles an hour, with the police
interior and big brown
baby seal eyes for headlights, yeah! And I'm gonna drive around in that baby at 115mph getting one mile per gallon, sucking down
and sprinkle a bit downtown
We ride Lexus with interos, MoMos or Cameros
Slim got the coke in a wayside barrel for 22-5
(Got the kees for 11-5)
Come to the B.G.
for twenty, 
2-5, 11-5, or the muthafuckin' even 5
And I'm servin' 4 and a half to 28
And I might front it if you come straight it and not late
in Los Angeles,
Notorious B.I.G. was gunned down and pronouced dead at 1:15 this morning.
As a result of the ongoing feud between East and West