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Tony Argo · Judy Argo

Standing at the Argos 
Basement where the sex goes 
Centuries of seed and stain 
Underwater we remain 

Nederlander profile 
Round and nose
Na argo issoyo 
Nega gudege 
Majimag hangaji hejur su inun goshi 
Ibyorpuniranun god 

Ijesoya kedarun naui 
Mojaran sarangur yongsohe jwoyo
Jacques Dutronc and the Bolan Boogie, the Heavy
Hitters and the Chichi music
All India Radio-45

Two in ones-45
Argo Records-45
kings of Argos
This for their gold and silk
Opium, honey and milk
Up on the navel of the world
Beneath the Mother of Serpents
The fear of life
Burn our
You said they were your lifelong passion
You bought them in the height of fashion
Went to Argos just like your friends
Looked to see the most you
Odum soge ni orgur bodaga 
Nado molle nunmuri hullosso
Sori obshi nar taraomyo bichun gon 
FINALLY nar argo gamssajungoni 
Choum ne sarang
hung flat & the Argo just sat,
Or the rocks came crashin' or the water ran low,
When Hercules split, & Jason admitted that he didn't know where to go, he
Inspections are quick and regulations are few
Just sign on the line and go find you a crew, yes
One of these ships was the Olympic Games
The Argo Merchant
I'm known to blaze stars just like the argo
These rhymes are going far beyond your belief
I'm like the Golden Child: each and every day I eat a leaf
My love is lurkin' the way a rapist would lurk
In a bush, or a car park in town
I bought you this necklace, it cost me 12 pounds

From Argos
gueules de stre-mon

Et des grosse tre-mon
Ma bite dans les Thon, ça fait ts dans l’œil du maton
On parle l'argo de trémon
Criave les os de tes morts