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to the punk-palats
those trips made you throw up and after a few nights you took off
to the holm of asp's that's where you belong

When it comes to you it's hard
I'm the guest you can undress
With conversationâ?¦
I'm the box Pandora lost
Too complicated

What am I?
What am I?

I'm the asp in Eva's lap
I who wait and writhe and wrestle
With air that hath no boughs to nestle
My body weary of empty clasp
Strong as a lion and sharp as an asp
Heaven is mine
I mean Heaven - Heaven all the way
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trophies that will desert in full
Your hope a dying gasp
Peasant, your lips are filled with the poison
Of the asps
Who overreach and become pariahs, 
Sympathy for the political class, 
Warm smile and a bite like an asp, 
Sympathy for the prison guard, 
prisms and rainbows escaped

They sent in the necrophiliacs
Carcinogen tartans that smolder in asp
Communion shaped

Serpents raise in
John Kennedy's pulmanesque explained. [pub-asp slyness]

The man who's head diminished. The man who's head
diminished. Sounds like my head,
All hearts are open graves
All hearts are open graves
Never be ashamed my love
All hearts are open graves

Take me to your dark places
Like an asp
Birkenberth, kfc
Cma and scc
Asp, won't take cards
Civil war was in the yard
Love life
Out of hand
Waited on ten level tan
Only going to do
Life among hyenas and asps under vultures
That pick at the corpses of the fallen

And man will continue to suffer unto itself
Until some stand
realm of rain

My body wear of empty clasp
Strong as a lion, sharp as an asp
Coat of the flock, I am gold and god
Flesh to thy bone, flow to thy rod
My fingers are grass
My tongue the asp
My town a burial mound

My eyes are jewels
My ears hear tools
put them down

My feet are wings
Closure is the apex;
One curve is the asp,
But the snake is a path in light
These twins are emerging,
Geminis still verging,
Yet Atu still carries
the souls she has trapped inside

Ah-ah Here she comes
Ah-ah Here she comes

She has the tongue of the goddess Shai
Split like an asp down
she could hear the sad refrain
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

I'm gonna grope I'm gonna grasp 
'Cause I must
It's my rope and my asp and my doom for
bossom his nest.

Creep like a sneak thief, snake through the grass,
to kiss Cleopatra, a pain in the asp.

Charming, the snake.
Charming, the snake.
if you try 
You can make it if you try 
Yeah, yeah, that's how we do it 
Start tap dancing on these ?

Asp click, white t Chris 
Spike lee kick
Lock my number in like you're takin' it for hostage
Try'na put you on the game
Maybe you should watch it
They takin' trips to asp.
And flyin'
An acid reign to purify the world 
The Asp at Pharaoh's breast 
The Atom split under duress 
A sniper at the gates of spattered pearl 

My heart, torn
that she was makin'
But she ended with a stupid asp
The queen bee, no way, and even tho' they think they're the kings
(escatological things)
Who are
à Al Pac'
4 pattes, j'connais as-p, même completement khabat
Si y a des biatchs partout, c'est que j'suis dans la boîte
Si ça fait mal, que tu cries,
C'est soit l'argent du rap ou soit l'argent du crack
Mon président est black, ma carte bleue est black
Pourquoi tu jactes, si tu kiffes as-p
of cursin' and bitterness to sit with the rich
It be the poison of an asp that be under her lips
She ran through my Blood-line and even slept with a Crip
Je m'en bas les couilles de leur ie-v, je n'crois qu'en mon destin
J'rappe fort, j'vois qu'tu salives, je t'invite à graill' au festin
Panique as-p