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High Atop The Houses And The Towns (St. Lola In the Fields)

Well I've been atop the mountain I've been down below
Been in the sky, down the valley
every day
And I dream to be somebody else
And every night I pray
That I will stand atop Mount Normal
Proudly survey the land and sea
And have happy
A light at the end of the tunnel
A secret society
And regents stay there
In there
Attack their tunnel

Atop the plateau
Of broken dreams
a suffocating night
Atop a keep of lore, where hope yet shines
And black pennants reign in a suffocating night
Atop a keep of lore, where hope yet shines
A vast calm wilderness
The call to adventure comes
Lead and land atop this rock
Infinite path carved with unrivaled skill
Perish the land 
Shame on 

A vast calm wilderness 
The call to adventure comes 
Lead and land atop this rock 
Infinite path carved with
I come from atop the mountain, baby
Where the people come to pray
I comes from atop the mountain baby
Where the people come to pray

There ain't
Made curse for us
Behold the lamb

Not one stone
Atop another will stand

As one of them
I always am
On my way down
This weary melody ends
The host
Song among the pine
Cones and needles lie atop the dark soil
They will come for me
With searchlights streaming through the cedar trees

Cold ash
Once colorful dreams now swing like dead paratroops from the naked trees.
Your sky lips and snow skin are sugar for the carrion perched high atop
of a lake I've never seen

You who are
You who are
Help me out, help me out
Help me out of here

I'm thinking of a castle on atop a hill
a light from the faulty tower
Pacifier pacifies
Colossal in tons, unknowing it wants
Pacifier pacifies
Atop this podium built of fixation
They like
[Pre Chorus:]
Could You...

Get to the point
Get it across
To the poison
Atop of the ladder 
I'm climbing up
Have my doubts
Words come easy
Behind a screen
When there's no interface-to-face
To be seen

King of Insects
You eat your own
Atop an anthill
You call your
The chemical garden

Behind these black eyes
A story is playing out
Atop a cloudy hill
The verdict is read
On every lip
The sound of the feather falls
of the wind, fortunes change.
Through every shipwreck comes the chance to begin again.
To rebuild anew atop the mistakes of the past.
Out of death comes life.
Swallowtail, I met you up atop the shard
As we fell, I never thought we'd hit this hard
It's not right, but it's too late for that now
Live from high atop the hood of my car
I'm signing off, sweet dreams baby
Wherever you are

One day I'll catch up to you
One day I'll talk to you
to be an ant who crawls
Atop a spinning rock

Heal them, like fire from a gun
Kneeling, my god is the Sun
Heal them, with fire from above
Decorated and adorned with Christmas balls and strings of pop corn
Tensil wrapped with care with wades of angel hair
A final star atop of Christmas tree,
Coming down like a hatchet,
Rollin' with the masses,
Throwin' my matches atop of the gasoline package.
Throwin' rhymes like rachets,
Playas with
sideways atop crumpled sheets and no covers he decides to 
Dream up a new self for himself...
hearts atop the sand

Why does no one realize
A hidden truth is nothing but a lie
And my weak heart fades each time
I hear good-bye pass from your lips
Drive us by pitchfork to caves by the sea 
Atop the mountain, under cities
We are monsters, we are older than men
Yes, we are Gorgons and we will
around me
Little things I could never see
Like the love you tried to give me
And in the end just threw away

I stood atop the golden tower
Rode upon