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Inkpot/Attila (Shocking Blue) · The Beast of Attila Csihar (Attila Csihar) · The Best of Attila Kovacs (Attila Kovács) · Attila's Dreams (Don Friedman)

the Hun
Barbarian trail of blazes following the sun

Attila the Hun
Is bad seed, and devil cruel son
The bad deed is done
For all people is fleeing and can
The History of Potting, The Yearbook of Yachting 
The leather-bound Life of Attila the Hun

Portobello Road, Portobello Road 
Street where
and Greg, they're second to none
They studied under Attila the Hun

Mr. Jennings has got his wig on tight
Flouder's left shoe's always on his right
The History of Potting, The Yearbook of Yachting,
The leather bound Life of Attila the Hun

Portobello Road, Portobello Road
Street where the riches of ages
supervisor when I'm in my grave
A slave on the run still under the gun
Of Attila the Hun with a cinnamon bun
I don't know son, was there somethin' I missed
even though he just begun
Rulin hip-hop as if he was Attila the Hun
We make records, it all adds up a caleidoscope
We work hard, so people can't deny
Front page material, I serial kill shit
Only that real shit, we can scrap or slap clips
My tactics range from Attila the Hun
To Genghis Kahn
on the buttons
As the cars die crashing in the street

I feel like
Attila the Hun
I feel like
Some people are
Not so lucky
Ooh ooh
Lucky me

really aims to please
Well a buck o' five is all you need to get a job well done
It doesn't matter if it's Tommy Lee or Attila the Hun

Baby, I don't
the dome splitter
The deep-sea sniper, you got the wrong niggas
Retire like Jigga, here comes the Attila the Hun
Killin' niggas for fun, these rappers is
to Attila the Hun
Swingin a sword Grym is gruesome
World renown like hunger
The mighty hunter in the concrete junga
Doper than ganja
Conquer any style you can
Retire like Jigga, here comes the Attila the Hun
Killin' niggaz for fun, these rappers is done
The bigger they come, the harder they fall
I burn like
Musolini, to Attila the Hun 

Imagine existence wit no fear, tears never shed here 

One day for me could last a thousand years 

The first element
But they don't know what I really endured
They say Godzilla been summoned but we're not running
Attila the Hun is coming, we’re killin his horde
Tatoué pour que je me souvienne
Je suis tombé pour elle

Attila Le Hun sur toi, c'est comme ça que je vais arriver
Te comparer à nous, sale
Pour t'assaisonner la rétine de poivre de Cayenne
Attila l'affaire numéro hun
Qui sème le vandale récolte la pluie de dalles
Parle m'en du
ambitions lie
Further to the West
The Empire that he seeks
The Father to the Rest
Attila wants to take his place
Like the impetuous son
To make