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all he can,
If every man is true,
Do I believe the sky above
Is Caribbean blue 


If all you told was turned to gold,
If all
Boreas auf den Kurs den Wünschenswerten?

Im nu.

Welche namelosen Anderen schon trägt der Sturm der uns jetzt fasst?

Nur Gletschergenossen


Undo I can't but I'll learn
Trespassing guilty
I know never to return
Boreas city

Glass roads lead me to
Your 1st floor apartment
In the den of the avalanche, dragon
With the boreas exacting, vengeance
Where the sky sees all, hears all, and crushes all
To the sky a whisper
Eurus, we call upon the east wind
Notus, we call upon the south wind
Zephyrus, we call upon the west wind
Boreas, we call the north wind