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Love won't pick
The slanted or the slick
Or the lovesick,
And I'm lovesick.

So I say
F-word, f-word
Pardon my French
But it's bs, bs
Serious and callous could be deadly to competitors
What am I sayin? (your gonna get yours)

[Chorus - *scratched*]
F the BS ..
F the BS ..
F the BS
BS- Chances are you'll find me
Somewhere on your road tonight
Seems I always end up drivin' by
Ever since I've known you
It just seems you're
Now we're gon' get ourselves together
(Of the band that's spelled S-T-E-T)
No B.S. allowed
(Prince Paul)

[ Daddy-O ]
Let's get this straight -
to Galveston, I'm what you get
When you mix a Prairie dog with an old beach bum
Cow chips, BS and ships ahoy
I'm a saltwater cowboy

There's a Tiki party down
I.B. - Interview Bitch
B.S. - When I'm not sure who's talking, or Dres and Lawnge both are
M.L. - Mista Lawnge
Dres - Who else?

(Yo-Yo:  "Don't
are supercilious, pretty and ridiculous
You got really good taste, you know how to cut and paste

What you got is a black belt in BS
But you can't
bay turned her round and round
She said, "B.'s the boogiest man in town"

B.B. boogie darlin'
The B.B. boogie baby
Do the B.B. boogie, if it takes
Come on, come on, love me for the money 
Come on, come on, listen to the moneytalk 

Moneytalks, yeah, yeah 
Money talks, B.S. walks 
Money talks,
Come, come on, listen to the money talk 
Money talks, yeah, yeah 

Money talks, B.S. walks 
Money talks, come on, come on 

Come on, come on, love me for
the m*********n best 

I go to sleep & wake up to some naked b*****s 
Get some head then it's back to business 
Treat every day like it's my last livin'
Set up on the corner with your little booth
Handing out your b.s. pamphlets to the youth
Like no one knows what's really on
I know what's on, it's
You hustle, you deal, you steal from us all


Moneytalks, yeah, yeah
Money talks, B.S. walks
Money talks, come on, come on

Williams - guitar, James 'Yank' Rachell - mandolin
Recorded: Aurora, Illinois June 17,1938
BS 0208-46-1
Album: 'Throw A Boogie Woogie' (with Big Joe
all just b.s. are we all created equal
Correct me if I'm wrong, I hope I am
I stand in the lower class and I see no end
We're all just victims
Perfume all around your hair.
Can't deny the fact that nobody BS's like you.

I believed you till.
I recognized the symptoms.
Look what we have become,
I pull up in that Ghost 
Yea that's all me 
That mansion off the coast 
Yea that's all me 
Pretty b*****s on the boat 
Yea that's all me
ain't that far from Waco to Galveston
I'm what you get when you mix a Prairie dog and an old beach bum
Cow chips, B-S and ships ahoy
I'm a saltwater
da blues
Go abracadabra to make
A wish I can mess wit
Wonder why I'm under
Neath a crew I can't get wit
I never knew land was an acquisition
Black Bob - piano, unk bass.
Recorded: June 16, 1938.
Original issue Bluebird 7906/BS-020808-1.
Album Vol. 3 'That's Chicago's Southside'
BMG Music
The funniest girl I ever knew
Had hair as orange as Halloween
The bluest eyes that saw right through
All the BS and everything

She was an artist
Forget the BS, you wanna be Ces?
You better OD until you DOA
In a minute we gone, it couldn't be that we on
The next shit that we own and we don't
Alphabetical order. 
Here we go
R2D2, C3P0, how ?bout ET? 
Degree? BA, BN, BS, A! How
a bunyan
I'm B-S and you B-S
But I'm Brick Squad and you bullshit
Pistol like a chapporone
We goin' on a school trip
Places that you neva' seen