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Nebbie di qui
Ci avvolgono
Come titoli di coda
Su storie a lieto fine
Vivere qui, insieme a te
Nel freddo, stringerti
Negli anni, stringerti.
Los mas bello del amor Julian
Se lleva en corazones

why este vals es para ti, para ti Julian
Bailalo, disfruta a capo why coda
En tu graduacion why
Experienced water
Water transporter
Marine slaver
Experiment in coda
There was no doubt
The moment was savored
With or without
Your dad's coda speaking out of anger
When word got out
The kid was in danger
Then we
to coda]	

(Broken toy, huh! like a broken toy)

Verse 1:	
A lonely soldier needs his girl
But he's halfway 'round the world
If he knew the truth he'd
sombras que se pierden
La suerte no vino conmigo




....Y te busco
Wala kang kasalanan
Walang kasalanan

e magari chissà
se io avessi saputo
t'avrei dato un aiuto
ma che importa oramai
ora che...

puoi prendere per
la coda una cometa
e girando
on aside
And keep on pushin'

[repeat chorus]

[Coda [repeat to fade]:]

Keep on pushin'
al-harb you create for the holy prophet you maim
Death's coda
Bloody dystopia
Dajjal soldier of unholy warfare

For you will discover nothing true but
find it, girl, if it can be found
Before I bring you to (to coda)

They said in this town you get rich in no time
But here I am and I'm down to my
on aside
And keep on pushin'

[repeat chorus]

[Coda [repeat to fade]:]

Keep on pushin'
and they don't hatch in South Dakota.
Here comes the coda.

Not much water coming over the hill…..
I just know I'm gonna cry 
So run to him 
Before you start crying too

(repeat chorus 1)

Coda :

Oh, baby, it's so hard to do

Por qué ahora que pasa no es igual
¿dónde está la coda esplendorosa?

Descubrí una vez tu silueta en el balcón
Y aprendí el primero
Aunque todos
of our research and technology?

Now the time?s come to dance in this great ballet
To play our part in this play
The cosmic orchestra is nearing the coda
Come passione
Funky beat
See'era una volta un corpo senza capo n coda

Senza trucco n scarpe n vestiti alla moda
Un corpo nudo e crudo come quello
and I broke your holy bell
And run run run
Moto Coda
downed out of my head
'round, 'round out of my head
Downed, downed out of my head
'round, 'round out of my head

(repeat to coda)
gonna raise hell.
Gonna raise hell, gonna raise hell, gonna raise hell.

(repeat to coda)

Want two heads on your body
And you've got two mirrors in your hand
Two heads can be put together.

And you can fill both your feet with sand.
folks will welcome me
I went away a small man
But I'll come home a tall man
Then what a pretty bride you'll be

[repeat chorus]


(Big man
cavallo e mi fecero uomo 
Cambiai il mio nome in "Coda di lupo" 
Cambiai il mio pony con un cavallo muto 

E al loro dio perdente non credere mai 

Say goodbye to the tabloids, say goodbye to diet soda
Say goodbye to new age music from the Capa to the Coda
Say goodbye to gridlock, goodbye