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the things we leave behind
But oh, my friends, do not give in to sorrow

/ DG D DG D / DG A DG D / :

   On the other shore, on the other shore
 DG - Debbie Gibson
 CM - Craig McLachlan
 CD - Debbie & Craig
 () backing singers

[VERSE 1:]
[CM:] I got chills they're multiplyin'
I'm in a bourgeois blues
Spread the news around

Get on a bus
Keep head down
A DG gets on sits opposite like a clown
A bourgeois town
I'm in

Be my sweet potato
Be my honey lamb
Dance around the campfire
Hang around a while

Well, I been caught stealin'
Someone else's vibe,
another day, it don't dg your way 
(And tomorrow can't come soon enough) 

Gotta get up, any how I can't afford to lose no hours 
Got a deadline that I
hot, she's making me sexist, bitch
I need my 1987 DG-20 Casio electric guitar
Set to mandolin, yeah
Drop the drums

Hear me now, I see you give
on you
Jimmy Choo calls out your name, D&G on every wall
When you can't decide, that's okay just buy them all

There's no better feeling
Michael Korrs
Mr. Ford I can't afford
D&G and BCBG
Looking good is never easy
Alexander Perkovich
Naomi Campbell such a bitch

I wanna be Delgada
In YO, that's where I come from
My talents official, act up, the hounds'll come get you
You can catch me on my toes in them D&G flip-flops
Yea that's right, this is ahh, radio station 187.4 DG
Sock it to your ass
With something from The Dramatics
And Snoop Dog
Let them spot that OK
Yeah that's right, this is ahh, radio station 187.4 DG
Sock it to your ass
With something from The Dramatics
And Snoop Dog
Let them spot that ok
layin on the floor yo


[DG Warrior]
Holy Spirit, come down fill me now, what
Pray everyday, stay strong
My wrong make it right
In my Holy
tryna kick off my Js
Take off my D&Gs and give her my DNA, 'cause
All these bitches be loving me, sipping my bubbly
Watching Hangover hungover, be
don't bother nobody, nobody

Yo, welcome to the world of the DG's, too disgusting
The death, the destruction
My world you get eaten up in

Cat Stevens "Where do the children play"

I'll send this in chord now, and tab when I've got more time.

Verses:  D...........G (some
Good morning Mr. Crenshaw, are you free?

First stop, second floor.
You might find just what you're looking for.
(Got that) D&G, Christian Dior.
the 40 on my hip like a [?]
You don't want no problems with the Grim Reaper
When it come to money niggas get evil
I'm not gon' let up like I'm DG Yola
Triple white Jag 
Closet full of brand new clothes and hand bags 
Alexander McQueen, Prada, Gucci, Chanel 
D&G, BCBG, Versace, Louie and Bebe
Ya don't
bitches and fantasize of foursomes
I say what I mean, and mean what I say
Fast and D-G, repping for B-K

We do this the Pitch Black way
DG Prada and Gucci clothes
And Victoria Secret silk panties, covers and ooh she knows
She never hang with movie hoes, dig dealers and X popping
break out of the darkness of ignorance. 

..(chorus).. X2 

Uploaded BY DG-BoY 2005
I'm saying - kinfolk, they call me Kinfolk Jones
I feel so fly up in my frames, I done came up with a song
I got them D.G., Louis V, Armani
Chikichikichikichiki woua

Africain united mali forever la grande classe D&G Guiti ou versace
C'est les plus belles femmes C'est les malienne, les senegalaise,
politica allucinante altro che LSD
vedo il pacco come a modelli D&G
Italia game over la testa mi esplode
batoste Battisti battute battone
a destra uno
yeah yeah
Let me tell you what my girlfriend looking like
She wit her jeans in d&g

Homies breaking they neck just to see her body da da da

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