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Balding matters
Cold shoulder 

Since when depend , depend on your approval 
I got date of, D.O.B 
Your name and number x 4 
What a fuckin riot
and Dad's
Worst dream
There on the back of a money-saving ad to get my carpet cleaned
Height, weight, hair, eyes, date missing, and DOB
A child's name,
Mike Sluggo and Mike Chillion
D.O.B., Reggie be	, and Sidney
Dana be	, Derrick be	, Sean be	, and don't forget
Big Hank, Don Ice and Sire Rock
God bless
has opened up my eyes.
Every dob that tainted you is growing all the time.
Send it all, send it all, send it all away.
Send it all, I've seen it all,
Wills - Cherokee Maiden; Buck Owens - Tiger By The Tail; Hank Williams - goes without sayin'. Now that's what I'm dob

Yes sir, that's what I'm talking
or a lighta(lighter)
And listen to a young rida(rider)
On the side of Pimp double tril
Make you lighter than a feather in yo DOB hat
Bitch now listen can you solve that
should egg him on to turn professional?
If I dob on him they'll call him plastic scouser
But the only thing the Stripper Vicar wears is plastic trousers
should egg him on to turn professional?
If I dob on him they'll call him plastic scouser
But the only thing the Stripper Vicar wears is plastic trousers
A black dob hat tipper
I step out at the grammys wearing black slippers

[Lil' James]
I'm a bin bibber
Orange juice and gin sipper
On this track I
on the ji-di-dob
I'm gettin sli-di-dopd
Bout to bang out, gettin mouth, tryin to dri-di-dive
I'm like hold up wait a minute
therse no rush I'ma get way up in it
Heart of a hustler, mind of a G
Keke smoking tree, blowing up the industry
'Sacci shades dob hat, dressed to impress
Candy red drape and buck, TV's in my
Playas do what they want, and suckas do what they can

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
7-5-70, my DOB, uhh
And I've been breakin' hoes since '83, what?
Money makers
Watch the smoke just erupt, let the roof back
When we roll in the trunk
Roll em up fat, and squash the chit chat
Three piece suit, with matching dob
I dip-dip-dob wit more drive than the Harlem River
Oh what the hell, I smoked a half a el then ????
Pick up my grip then spark the clip and get puffin
my dob
I need a independent thug chick, launder money and drug shit
I'm the boss hog, ain't nobody hogging me over harder
Soft then I'm off, in
when I look at magazines I say ain't that us
I'm in the VIP section, wearing a black dob

I got the women screaming whoa but my name ain't Black Rob
Yo punk... 
I was hot as 97 in '73 
D.O.B. my pedigree multiple felonies see 
You spit phlegm I spit fumes 
Across the ruins of kiosks hoverin'
supposed to play celebrity when nobody celebrated me at my D.O.B
And label reps want to play me;
But I'm familar with record company rule #4080:
Fuck Luther
Lacs and dob hats, with chrome gats
Hustlers stack paper, with the players and macs
Police burns in the hood, because somebody just got jacked
(that's right)
From the 4 to the Shaw even Century
On Figueroa we gotta sowed up
Rollin' with the D.O.B.
Fuck Crabs cause nigga I blast from the O.G.
from the Windy
Choppin' up tens and twenties, mm!
Lean back in the corner with the dob hat
Now my nature is to ball like a democrat
In the club with

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