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There's only so much time left in this crazy world
I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb
Niggas killing niggas they don't understand (what's
nobäuprystreger treit sys erb
Husch husch uf d samebank
You niemer zügt I'm züghuus
You ds schlussliecht lüüchtet vor
You dr choch dä macht es fuesspiuzgricht
Yeah, what's up 

There's only so much time left in this crazy world 
I'm just crumblin' erb, I'm just crumblin' erb 
Niggaz can't
Here to educate and enlighten us
And to spread his message near and far
They criticized his use of 'erb
But we didn't all agree
And he touched
mumbling, I'm crumbling erb
Niggas always tripping about something they heard
It's so easy to be thee
One behind the topic
And the subject, you won't love
[Snoop Dogg]
Bendin' the curb swervin', blowin' on some hiz-erb
The boss has returned, I'm still flyer than a biz-ird
Ridin' and Rollin' with them
The boss has returned, I'm still flyer than a biz-ird
Ridin' and rollin' with them Steelers like I'm Pittsburgh
Go against the gang, the man will
it home tonight
Be the number 1 smuggler in the area
Got enough weed to fill up and air craft carrier
Erb slanger, Hasila Incorporated 
and get some more
If they got ends (what up erb)
Get it from the Hub and take no chances
Smoked out no doubt your brain enhances
Put your brain on drugs
and a twenty dollar stash
Of some of that superb 'erb
She said, "I got the chronic, so fuck whatcha heard"

"Ice Cube do you wanna hit this?
This shit is hype,
boy but to bring the be	-boy 
There's nothin' on this erb that can end still fear 
The locomive, puttin' my thing in gear 
I only have the fear
for half a bird
That's my word
Smoking backwoods filled with erb
Hanging later than street lights posted up on the curb
The ultimate serve
Getting it
hit 'em up with all of that
Seventeen, applaudin' they gat, I wrote a song to that
twist the erb, dispose of that sack, ain't no more of that
to Indonesia
Aah yeah, you heard me, see I'm just another dirty dick
Drastically, casually I puff the erb to get zone like the Senate, so

[Chorus: x8]
them cops is peepin

Oh [shit], where they at? Stash the gat, toss the erb 'cause
Jakes checkin my plates and I'm tryin not to swerve, word
My nuts is


Hi is Erb there?

This him

Hey what's up with you bro?

Loungin man
Long time no hear from

Yeah I know
Man I just flew in last night
Woke up out of bed this morning at 5, face the light
Downstairs in the kitchen, 'erb tea, made a pot
Now I'm sipping, enjoying the best peppermint
aiyo that's my word 
My man Joon with the 'erb to the moon 
Eh Shawn Black, nigga, where ya at? 
No type of daydreamer or a nigga with emphysema
the erb grass got greener
My knocker plus be droppin the skills off the top a
the dome for my peoples in the sewer, yo I got ta....

Got ta hold it down
bringen ihm einen erbärmlichen Dank.
Die Pflanzen zerstört und das Seegetier krank,
Was da kreuchte und fleuchte verendet I'm Teer,
drugs, puff the 'erb, and I'm baaaaad
The game we play, I'm playin' for keeps
'Cause the only thing that comes is sleep, and a dream

A young
niggaz 'member 
Earl, Brat, and Denell dem boys from Vallel 
At every light it's automatic, BURN RUBBER 
See my folkers in the traffic, WHASSUP ERB
stackin' outrageous 
 (chameleon) yeah, I heard about the way you flip birds, 
 got these niggas standin' on the curb sellin' cocaine and erbs 
this 'erb so I roll with trife characters
The hardest for the world to cap, and shiner like a
Full carat diamond with perfect designin
Philly's and 9
over here, you scurred?
Fuck them blaze up that erb
Boy ya walk in it's like you tinted
So did I mention
D.T.P. 'll tear da club up
Bitch nigga