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Artist: Eric Johnson
Album: Venus Isle
Track: Camel's Night Out
Eric got a speeding ticket
Eric stepped in human shit
He's had a bad day now
Eric drank a pint of salsa
Then he went into convulsions
He's had
Artist: Eric Johnson
Album: Venus Isle
Track: S.R.V.
Artist: Eric Johnson
Album: Venus Isle
Track: Manhattan
Artist: Eric Johnson
Album: Venus Isle
Track: Song for Lynette
Artist: Eric Johnson
Album: Venus Isle
Track: Pavilion
Artist: Eric Johnson
Album: Venus Isle
Track: Venus Reprise
all behind for Eric the gardener to find
Eric the gardener
Eric the gardener will find Eric the gardener

Julius Caesar knew that when his life was
[Music & Lyrics: Sean Peck / Eric Horton / Barber]
a one two three
Eric, the half a bee
A, be, see, D, E, F, G
Eric, the half a bee

Is this wretched demi-bee
Half asleep upon my knee
Some freak from
Daze of Grace
(Written, produced & arranged by Eric Gast and Matthew Backer)
Amazing Grace (traditional; arranged by Seven Nations)
Eric Melvin
Took PCP one
Night in 

It was
Pretty funny
He kept saying
"Help me"

Over and
Over again
Then he
Started puking
Take it away Eric the Orchestra Leader

A-one, two, a-one two three four

Half a bee, philosophically,
Must, ipso facto, half not be.
But half
Ride on, ride on friends of the black swan
Ride on, ride on do you know where she's gone
Gumdrops and Saturdays did Eric call by the way
He knew,
Eric Wincentsen
Eric, Ren and Jensen were activists
Heads loaded with theory, their hearts are filled with passion
Shared the same left wing politics
Eric's room gets too small one night
(he) takes his whole apartment outside
down at his desk he sits and writes
under a streetlight

at Eric's
They say "Don't go!"
Dancing like robots
In the neon rain
From hell or heaven
Eight plus ten
Ashes to ashes
Love will not die
Europe 2000
torn I put it off, 
I put it off, I put it off again

I played love tara by eric's trip on the day that you were born 
I had to find the cuteness in
she talks to the spirits
I wonder if she can talk to herself?
If she can bear to hear it?

This is Eric's trip
We've all come to watch him slip
the battle was an ego thing
After I kick this rhyme Eric will sing
The true statement that lies here
Every day every month that's in a year
Has to be spent
a stain on my heart
Some songs I hate some I hate even more
I act a fool, am I the fool

So tell me Eric does it hurt, hurt? (uh-huh) 
So tell me Eric
just bless one
And you know that I'm the soloist
So Eric B make 'em clap to this

I don't bug out or chill or be acting ill
No tricks in '86, it's

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