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That this ring is there to remind

So let's re-enact that scene
From what's his name's one act play
I'll be your hero and you'll be the one who
the world is black no turning
From the consequence of ignorance
Welcome to the fall

Beyond within, enact, enable
Create the past, nonexistent fables
We say just what we mean
Re-enact favorite scenes

Move away, never leave
Follow all the right leads
When our success succeeds
We all win
Soon the stage enacts the fallen stars
Used in pictures in this page of our beating hearts
I've made peace with God and burned the sage
And drank
themselves down the tube
And re-enact the second world war
While the rude boys get rude!

And I look to my left
And I look to my right
And I'm looking
Praise This Massive Force Of Hate
Praise The Strength Of Thee
Worship All They Have Become
I Am One With Thee

I Await The Powerful Entities
To Enact
what they want to,
And the cameras will re-enact his fall.
His legacy speaks, but no one can hear it,
Cause his death has made critics of us all.
serves desert
As you enact your biggest deal

Success has shown a second home
The kids are cute,how they've grown
One is dead,one's on reds
She goes
of you
Killing love with a kiss

[Chorus: x2]

Let's re-enact the fall for the acoustic funeral
and the guests are fried
In my attempt to seem dignified
I re-enact my birth
Do the earth

do the earth I wanna ramble in opium fields
Playing tricks
savagery; time enacts its toll
Mundane is the curse others fail to see
Empty is the sky for those who cannot dream


Facing immortals shadows
As awareness plummets, into cloudy nothingness.
Enact the final scene, gargling nitro-glycerin.
of flesh, in genetic algorithmic thought I surge
Searching the waves of memory I enact the sequence
I follow the plan , tripping the hammer again
Guess who's walking in your tracks
(don't look back)
Forcing you to re-enact

(making contact)
No-one's safe when
Shame is on the rocks
A pale ghostlike redition of consequence
The irony covers the crime

Re-enact the trauma
A safe pattern to fuse
Preteens giving head in the backroom
angel cain
It's not too late-open the ruby gate
Show mercy before this man of hate
Thus is our tail of woe and wail
We tried to enact so faithfully
and moans
We re-enact the love scenes from her/my movies
But I never thought, but she uses a stand-in
His voice is croakier every day now
And she cries so
do bestow
Based on the past we re-enact what's gone

And when all else fails your essence will go on

Sever all strings to the confined
enact a Good News blackout
Think you've got us on the run?
Well read the book of Acts and weep
The light of Jesus can't be overcome!

I've got
springs to your heart
Like actors moving in a play
We enact the final part

Running through cities
Not fearing their lives
Never retreating before living
to the womb

day by day - from birth
Page by page - the script we enact
To an unsound story of conquest and glory
By a culture about to collapse
Blood flows
to re-enact Moses
Uh huh
Misery's back, I'm calligraphy on niggary tracks
Epidemy, it's seems like most consider me that, literally
It's like wizardry with
to re-enact Moses
Uh huh
Misery's back, I'm calligraphy on niggay tracks
Epidemy, it's seems like most consider me that, literally
It's like wizardry with
ain't gotta lie plus I'm not a good actor
Bullshit laws that they enact to keep us locked out the big game in the back bru'
I got sacked, now I gotta
I'm only calm, when I'm blowin that chron'
Gettin them flashbacks like baby hold onnnnn
I never thought I'd sweat so long
And re-enact the scene