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Until I noticed those rips in my sheets
And that was proof that there had been a nightmare, on my street

FP: Oh man, I gotta call Jeff, I gotta call
Big Shout out to little Fp
Mr. Becklty
HP, Whole Bad boys Staff, Diddy himself
Don't even ask
The namous 
Phil, ally
sounded nervous
Baby relax FP at your service"

The girl spoke up and her voice sounded very nice
"I met you last week at that club called The Paradise"
I'm the same guy I've always been
JJ FP one on one free
M-O-V-I-E TV and CD
Knew you left brand new on the radio
Step on the scene and the crowd
to disgrace me
She tried to destroy F.P
She told all her friends I was a d-o-g
But yo I swear it was a misunderstanding
But she seemed to think that I
Let, Let, Let's Go
Calling all cars, calling all cars
Be on the lookout someone has stolen the D.J.
Agent F.P. get
I wants to, not cause I have to
Ask yourself, who made the polar caps melt?
FP, the phenomenon, true Don Juan, Jon Blaze
The Fonz ain't seen my
a git you what you really want

Track by track displaying my ability

The man, FP, showing true dexterity

On the Mic, no rules are lawless

them now Frankie!
Raggamuffin girl (she's a raggamuffin)
She's my raggamuffin baby girl (she's a raggamuffin)

A yuh a time FP, ca!
F.P. and Apache free-style combination

You can talk all you want, look but don't touch
Are we gonna get real serious
You can
to entertain.
Like it or not,
F.P. won't stop,
Because I'm the cream of the crop,
So, sss, hot.

Up and down they go, just watch them.
Up and down they go,
when he hear these words
But fuck it, I love that nigga, he the reason we hurr
If it wasn't for him, I'd be livin to see dirt
Now lil F.P. and me, we
le pré mais la baise est dans le prix sin-cou
Je décharge mes nerfs dans les FPS
Mettez nous perpét' on fera des gosses à l'UVF
Ils pense que j'ai