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And the Dragon lives inside my mouth 
And it speaks in tongues, the word  
Hellbound, in Ft. Worth, Texas 
Hellbound, Ft. Worth 
Snakes, in Southern
20 ft. high on Blackpool promenade
Fake royalty second hand sequin facade
Limited face paint and dyed black quiff
Overweight and out of date
[Repeat: x2]
20 ft. high on Blackpool promenade
Fake royalty second hand sequin facade
Limited face paint and dyed black quaff
Overweight and out
In ft. worth all the neon's burnin' bright
Pretty lights red and blue
But they'd shut down all the honky tonks tonight
And say a prayer or two
To the peaches in Savannah
We're on our way to play that
Texas swing

Dallas, Ft. Worth, Amarillo
On down to San Antone
Gonna turn it loose in Houston
Leave you low, come time to go
Alone and low as low can be 

In Ft. Worth all the neon's burnin' bright
Pretty lights red and blue
But they'd
after dark
To hear the fiddler fiddlin' around a tune called Old Joe Clark

We played that show in Tulsa then it was Ft Worth bound
We headed south
or so it seemed Though he is dead he haunts your dreams
I might as well be two ft. tall You never will love me at all
You're dreaming of the corpse you
Makes you crazy all ' right
Hey down at Rose's
Santa Rosa New Mexico

Ft. Sumner

He was born in New York City
On a cold and a windy day
him 6ft underground,
So what on earth did he think his mouth was for?
Don't talk to him about life and death,
We know a part but he knows the rest.
chanter quand le verre est bien rempli.

Buvons encore une derni??re fois ?? l'amiti??, l'amour, la joie.
On a f??t?? nos retrouvailles.
??a me fait de
the darkness
All crazy out of control
Hey throwed around that panhandle town
Till ft couldn't throw ft around no more
Yeah some blamed secret government
find it easy to express myself
I hit the drums so hard I break all my heads
And then I end the day in one of my beds

I'm nearly 5 ft. 7 tall
I like
Midnight in the Holy City
Playground for restless souls
Graveyards for the sons of Ft. Sumpter
And the ghostly daughters
Wait for their boys
protect me from these women's charms
I'm 6 ft. tall, but I can barely speak
My mind goes crazy when the taste is sweet

(Well) We've known each other
He hits the main drag just as hard as he can go
They call him locomotive Joe, he's a railroad romeo

When he gets to ft. worth ("I got on my
til they had you in the bag
They scared you blind then draped you in a flag
Made you a man at Ft. Bragg

You'll do good business as an apologist
broke it
Thought I was 10 ft 10
Quoted the Bible then revoked it
Then I did it all again

Then you took me in
And taught me how to love
10 ft. tall
Barefoot or high heels on
I like 'em wrapped around me
Or walking up on top me
If you spend the night
There's just one thing that I
what's ten million dead?
If it's keeping out the Russians 

We're well trained by the CIA
With Yankee tax money in Ft. Bragg
The Peace Corps builds US
a spiritual hideout with a friend of mine.
Is easy to hide from a 6 ft. cell.
No use tryin' to hide yourself.
So play another hymn for the Crazy Lemon.
remember where he parked his car 
Or to whom he lost the keys 
Full of angst and hillbilly haiku 
What's a poor Ft. Worth boy to do 
Go on rhyme
Drove from Albuquerque to Ft. Smith, Arkansas
Then all the way to New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras
You should have seen... the craziness down there
and l know quite well. that l'll have it all
l'll have ft all today: I'LL HAVE IT ALL TODAY/I want some lemonade today
l want someone to go my