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Fumble (Scream) · Fumble/Banging the Drum (Scream)

of lIe´s
Fumble across her
Fumble across her
There are demands on spirit and flesh
And i´ve made the effort to survive them
Now come back to your man
to lie awake all night

D d a
Fumble with the money and fumble with the keys
D d a
Somebody has to end up on his knees
D d a
Go to a funeral dressed
Don't you fumble
That's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna
Then you don't have to wait
But together
We gon' be taking over

the wait is over
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win, the wait is over
Fumble, don't you fumble that's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna
I'm better off alone

But like an actor cannot play
I fumble through my part
I realize that I can't hide
My cry baby heart
will you really throw it all away.

We trip, we stumble, and we all fall down.
Things go wrong, though are strong.
We slip, we fumble, and we all fall
the wait is over
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win, the wait is over
Fumble, don't you fumble that's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna
until the end
Just give a little
And I won't let you down

Time to turn it all around


It's not alright to be lonely
Left to fumble through these
Trip, fumble
I fear I only
Slip and slide

Somewhere deep within
Hear the creak
That lets the tale begin

Somewhere deep within
on to the dusk,

And shorts the evening's fuse.
So you fumble for a voice and sing Happy Birthday.
Read it to yourself again.
The stories always end the same.
Nighttime wanderer
Venom drip
King of somber

Fumble on a road
Blackened backyard
Weapon from a trunk
Static Recall
I'm dizzy in the thought
The things that I've been up to
Since you went away
I think that we are even Steven 

And I'm amazed at how you fumble 
Through saying
still humble
Without eyes the hands fumble
Like his feet that wear no skin
A naked man, man of sin

Three steps that hurt like hell
How did he get
It's silly really
When you're thinkin' about it
Even less you seem to know
Come to think about it
It's silly really
When you fumble about it
All the highs are downwards
All your fumble words are spent
Paying no attention
To the thoughts of your dear friend

No point louder
The sound
can't say that anymore 
At home her porch lights burnin' as she fumbles for the key 
Tonight she jumps the fences but she didn't quite get free 
In the middle of the night I wake up.
In the middle of the dream I call your name.
In the middle of the dark I wake up.
Fumble for the phone when
Fumble for the lightswitch
Get this off without a hitch
Got to know sometimes it's hit and miss
But I don't want to waste this wish

know when
To go

Skid like a stone on the water
Fall with no trace to lie permanently
Ooh, ooh, ooh ooh

Into the valley we roll
Where we fumble
a liar
A crumble tumble down
In fumble bumble town
Our lives a ruin
We reconstruct a bit
And pretty up a bit
We hardly know what we're doing
You drove the road so many times
You should know from here
I fumble back a million miles
I think you should steer

If Tuesday is open I would
when it was boring

I could make a mark if it weren't so dark
I could be replaced by any bright spark
But darkness makes me fumble
For a key
on my shoulder

Sleight of hand done by a poor magician
Fingers fumble in his indecision
I just can't seem to make things disappear
He cries
How can
In a house called home, in a double bed
They've grown so far apart, they just fumble in the dark
Not one single word is said

And they call it
The smile on your face could sacrifice salvation
As the winter sunshine fades to bring you down
A fumble in the dark, it's a journey on the night