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In Tha
Street With No Foo
d To Eat, Hoes Getting Money In They Only Profession But Lord I Only Got
One Question?


Do Gs To Heaven? Coz
other other little Gs
Don't make enemies with me, nigga
I try to tell these motherfuckers they ain't see
Don't make enemies with me
Fuck with these
it musta cost you like 50 Gs or something.
One might think that but guess what? It didn't cost me jack shit.
What do you mean?
I stole it out
Cats freeze and beg please 

Put them on their knee

We seize the opportunities for our families to make Gs 

Bu'n the wannabes
We squeeze
dollars if I grind, bankroll tim! 

Bankroll after bank roll 
Big money I like it bank roll after bank roll a million
Dollars on my mine hundred gs
on one

We stay,
We stay
We stay on one
We stay on one

We stay,
We stay
We stay on one

Women act like Gs
Niggaz act like bitches
Ill be
a smile, then she blew, what am I gonna do

Tell me, which way did she go
Pretty young thing in a GS4
Love was so bangin' had me open from the door

My D-O-Gs, the G-O-Ds
Of rap is back
M-O-B-B, Hav and P
Who rep NYC like QB
We vets, we not pets
You confusin' me

My D-O-Gs, the G-O-Ds
prepared for the worst
Whatever comes second I'll be there with my weapon
Pullin' up in the Lexus's one on both hand
So I guess them GS's was ambidextrous
and slim and checked,
Maybe a touch of seersucker, with an open neck.
I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat,
Wear my wartime coat in the wind
an open neck
I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat
I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet.

I see her dancing
Across the ballroom
UV light
Where the Gs hit the Gs and the little wannabes, really homie
Wanna be like 'cause they see like, make you wanna G like
Now who you wanna be like
There I was, 

When I talk about history, or psychology, or biology 

We talk about DPology, Gology, a Gs and all the Gs 

Gs in rare form, Cs in
to see people up on it flip 
Two keys in two weeks 'n' didnt flawlet
My brain is haunted wit mean dreams gs's wit bb's on it, 
Supreme skeems to get
and take it off his shoulder
Grinding with the homies, got the game out the nose
One hundred gs wrap, hood with a strap
Blowin' on the dojo, nigga
five on it like The Luniz
Funk this bitch so hard have it smelling like tuna
I put three Gs on this bet
That my shit drop hard like the Valujet
I'm a stunna, rap hunna
(Yeah) Is a mobeek (yeah)with the money and power

Nigga we don't move hoes, we move 'em home
Got the game from the Gs nigga
on the money
5 bad ass bitches at the crib with my Gs
6 in the morning and they still didn’t leave
7 more pulled up, knocking at the door
Throw it in
She gon' call me up and I'mma sick the hots on em'
Grimey savage, that's what we are
Grimey shooters dressed in G-Star
GS9, I go so hard
But GS for
an open neck
I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat
I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet.

I see her dance
Across the ballroom
UV light
[Snapper] *Talkin*
Capone-E, let's ride da de da da

[Chorus 1: Fingaz [Snapper]
Do you wanna mob wit Gs [From the school of Hard Knocks mothafuckas]
Mitternacht allein
Vorbei an hundert Gs, von denen jeder Blickkontakt vermeidet

Wenn ein Türsteher zu mir sagt, ich passe nicht rein
Dann sag ich „Du hast
breathe Gs, cough money
I'm still making cake even when I lost money
A multimillionaire, still spending soft money
I'm balling way above par, got golf
Separate thought
By  ?
Fall back
Into a habit
Rapper with impurity complex
Peddler goes pedestrian
Thieves tearing a?p?gs
Peddler goes pedestrian