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Can you hear the whispering wind
Over the screams of your dying friends?
Did you know your life is mine?

You know what I got
Schwarze Augen
Schwarze Lippen
Du stehst vor mir
Lass die Zukunft
Nochmal kippen
Lass uns
Weg von hier

Wir ham' uns
Wir ham' Angst
Got a gang a' gang a' girls and we're going going ham
Boppin' through this bitch like I'm the man
And I said good got damn we're going, going,
die Nacht
Was ham' wir falsch gemacht?

Hallo, Raumschiffkapitän
Hallo, ham Sie das gesehen?
Die ganzen Sterne fehlen
Im schwarzen Sonnensystem
Fresh coffee and bagels
Pudding and soap
Baby formula and ham
I am a grocery bag
Old George Karl Grossman
He made money from his ham
He chopped up some sluts
Then disposed of his guts
Old George the butcher man

Sliced up
And you watch the local news and eat alone

You've gotta take what little pleasures you can find
When you got sweet Kentucky ham on your mind, on your
day complete
I told her if there's anyway you can
Could you grease up that old metal roasting pan

And bake me a country ham
Honey glazed with a side
You watch the local news and eat alone

You gotta take what little pleasure you can find 
You got Sweet Kentucky Ham on your mind, On your mind
letzte müde Mark auf 'n Kopf gehauen.
Ohne dich geh' ich langsam in die Knie.

Weiber ham' verdammt lange Beine,
Weiber sehen tierisch gut aus.
got a hundred acre dream
That's gettin' closer every day
Just a few more plates of ham and eggs
And a few good rides away

Hard times hit West
got a hundred acre dream
That's gettin' closer every day
Just a few more plates of ham and eggs
And a few good rides away

Hard times hit West
Let me take you to the sea 

Dreamsicle, big dill pickle
High school honeys sure were fickle
I'll be damned country ham, takes me back to Alabama
I don't eat no ham n' eggs, 'cause they're high in cholesterol 
A yo, Phife do you eat em? No, Tip do you eat em? 
Uh huh, not at all(again) 
Sliced ham and pickled feet
Ham and eggs and sausage meat
Nobody's business what I eat
Nobody's business, nobody's business
Nobody's business what I do
again (again):
Oh, take that veil from off of your eyes;
Look into the future of realize.

Noah had three sons, Ham, Shem and Japhet (Ham, Shem
Anol shalom
Anol sheh lay konnud de ne um {shaddai}
Flavum nom de leesh
Ham de nam um das
La um de Flavne

We de ze zu bu
We de sooo a are you
Will you put my hands away?
Will you be my man?

Serve it up, don't wait 
Let's see about this ham

Oh, what happened?
Oh, what happened?
ham slap it muscle skin jam load
Blam bam adds explosion to the lamb

Jesus is screaming yr name
Violent loving yeah
Kissing golden, we're going
Teufel gab mir seine Hand

Wir ham's getan, wie man es tut
Im Stehen und im Liegen
Und wenn wir einmal Engel sind
Dann fick ich dich im Fliegen

of ham
If you set your mind free, baby
Maybe you'd understand
Starfish and coffee
Maple syrup and jam

Cynthia wore the prettiest dress
Bhool Koi Hamse Na Hojaye

Rok Raha Hai Ham Ko Zamana
Door Hi Rehena Paas Na Aana
Rok Raha Hai Ham Ko Zamana
Door Hi Rehena Paas Na Aana
fried eggs and country ham.
I'll find somewhere where they don't care who I am.
Oh, Albuquerque,
Til Vahall der han ære fikk

Inn I haller av sten han entret
Her inne bak livets speil
Tyr trådte frem og tok ham med
For å lære ham opp og en
Historically, I'm kickin' bitches out like Pam nigga
Goin' HAM nigga, me and Jigga
And a nigga still young, wanna have no kids
But I've been

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