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Hmph, fuck all y'all

Face down! [Repeat: x53
Jumpin' from plane to plane 
Actress or model or somethin' 
Can't even remember her first name 

June brought an Easter bunny 
Needless to say, hmph
and tribulations, heartaches and pains (well that's alright)
Survived 'em all baby (uh huh, say it, say it!)
Hmph, I'm still Melody, and I'm still Cool
Melody Cool
I'm yours 

[Repeat: x2]
Here is my heart my mind 
Lord here???s my life
My everything 
Take it 
It's yours oh lord 
It's all I
if I gotta shout out loud
'Til mine is the only face you see
Gonna stand out
Stand out, hey
Stand out!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah!)
Stand out!
(Since you've been gone, I've been out of it. Out to lunch. Spaced out or something. On another planet, hmph, and I know its my fault! )

But I like that money, think I don't? Hmph 

Check me out 
I just walk in, don't even find a seat 
Just threw my coat right on the floor
[Quik talking:] 
Yeah ain't nothin' changed y'all niggas still obvious. 
Yeah it's for real though hmph 
[Rapping: ]
Now we don't want to talk
Oh, hmph
I got some nerve
Sitting up here thinking about
How it would be if I was your girl
Things I could do for you
Love you the way she never
kicked out because I toted a tool 

Other niggas used to run, but me I stood still 

'cause if a nigga fucked up [Hmph!] ??? was killed 

And ask
Forecast is calling for better than your skank-y-ass (hmph)

You call me when you're drunk and 
Say you're going insane without me
Oh my, how the times
la la la la la?.
Will smoking ?La?la? la la la la la la?
And La la?. La la la la la la?

Hey Yo?
Any good ink on Sunday to Monday
They get
ever heard him laugh. Hmph! Oh, wait a minute, we must contact engineering. My God, 15 billion miles off course

23 billion miles off course