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We Are Harlot

In the Night it's a gift 
In the age of Love 
The love of Harlots 

You know where this began 
And you know the way 
You're so Devoted 

In a room full of harlots and fantasy
Destiny beckoned us there
Curious child on the balcony
We took the dare
Careless I was to caress thee
peeking over, I was lucky
In the calm the feather flip the so, of harlot's
All the same
And I hope I'm still in love of course, dust hit the sun

Now, in
the laughter?

Charlotte the Harlot show me your legs,
Charlotte the Harlot take me to bed.
Charlotte the Harlot let me see blood,
the air
Rule, year to year, dutty, yeah

Becau ye fit an ye legit, woman
Ye know, sey, ye man jus nah lef
Matta how dem, gal, ya want flex like harlot
Who is the harlot, I am
Who is the diamond, I am
Who is the lion, I am
Who is the starlit, I am
Who is the harlot, I am
Who is the lion, I am

on the blood of saints! 

Mother of harlots
Sleeping with serpents 

Drunk on the blood of saints! 

Drunk on the blood of saints!
Drunk on the blood
the youthful harlot's curse
Blasts the new-born infant's tear
And blights with plagues the marriage hearse
I wander through each chartered street,
Near where
Fifty million miles below my feet 
There's a lot of people 
I'd like to meet 
There's theives and killers 
Harlots and whores 
All were
got wrong 
Sold your soul to the Hollywood harlots 
Wouldn't give you half a chance 
Because girl, you turn me on 
Sing me a song, tell me how bad
A Harlot
No Beauty, No Image, None
Just Left Alone
of God 
Though my heart has played the harlot
You gave me more than I deserve
When You washed my whole world as white as snow

And I think of how You
and the Harlot

She's a dwelling place for demons, she's a cage for every unclean spirit every filthy bird
And makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicate with
Harlot's curse
Blasts the new born Infant's tear
And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse

Rise and look out; his chains are loose, his dungeon doors
we're peeking over, I was lucky
In the calm the feather flip the so, of harlot's. All the same
And I hope I'm still in love of course, just doesn't
calves, if you got 'em 
We'll get stuck in history 
All aboard for Sodom, 

Bring your burning bush, 
Harlots if you're able 
We'll get stuck in
harlot's bastard sun

And then the lights....

And afterwards we'll all go to hell
When the money's all spent
When the money's all gone
There'll be
See the harlot riding sinner scarlet
She's a city made of souls
To the Devil she will hold... to the end

Drunken blindness...fallen! is her
Teach the harlot's child to smile 
Rocked again by indecision 
Should we make that small incision 
Testify, to the bleeding heart inside 
We cut, we
Now the harlot womb of death 
Spits out its rotten core 

Serpent on the altar now 
Has wrapped itself around your spine 
So you look into its
Thunder and lightning the gods take revenge
Senseless destruction
Victims of fury are cowardly now
Running for safety
Stabbing the harlot to pay for
laid me to rest
I saw such sights of wickedness
From this harlot on a pedestal
This scarlet Woman scorned

I glimpsed desertion, the bluster
Born amongst beauty, O' Beloved
Grandeur of the mountains
Where my eyes were harlots
His eyes were steel
He wanted everyone to be as perfect
cascade onto the impaler's feet
...harlots of splendour and tragedy

onward, harbinger of silverrain...!
Eat my darkness and burgeon !

I command the sphere
Come, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot;
She is seated on the throne of many waters,
And all the kings of the earth have committed