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You look so fresh from the cleaner
You are the little grand slam
I'll take to my fam-

My ma will show you an album of me that'll bore you
Gotta know you're ver-ily respected, by me
You get the keys to the Lexus, but no drive
You get your own 2002, she through ridin'
Keep yo' ass
Sorry I had to go ily
I looked around this can't be real
Cos I don't recognize this
Then I saw the minibar and I was like Rar
Somebody terrorized it
ding-a-ling like a Huffy
Luck-ily, another 36 cup D abruptly, came into the room to fuck me
She said, "Tecca Nina touch me, your dick is thick and husky
into the
Coastline and Poseidon attacks the new me
You know she know she bad, Mike Jackson-ily
And she just wanna thrill a man
Then a hand,
Mr. Streetsweep
Twinkie soft niggaz get dealt with swift-ily

I'm amazin', I always bring the heat
Pull the cake up through the ground if he fuckin'

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