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My Auntie Iris
You will find her in your local
My Auntie Iris
Likes to take a drink at night
Oh, she's a gem

My Auntie Iris
Loves to have
her quite soon

Ooh, Iris
The girl with the lovely name
I feel desirous
I got that girl to blame
Ooh Iris

I'll be brave, put all my fears away
of me

Iris, Iris

Once we are born
We begin to forget
The very reason we came
But you I’m sure I've met
Long before the night
The stars went out
lo encontraremos
No porque yo soy como el viento
Y tu eres lluvia

Vienes y te vas mojando
Mis cabellos

but I stay strong

Into the Iris of the Storm
Rising full with the tide
Carry On

Sometimes it's hard to find my place
To face those fears that
arco iris te diré: 
Que me lo pintes tú, 
Si lo pintara Molina Yo diría: 
Que es para Dina Luz. 
Cuentan que los arco iris 
Why que nacen en la nevada
Tu mirada tropezó
Con la mí­a y el mundo se saltó
Bajo el arco iris
Flotando en el aire

Escribo en el cielo que
Sin ti no soy nadie
Siento que
Four hours in the pot, one hour out 
It grows and I sleep standing up 
When Iris sleeps over 
What a book she'll write 
Oh last night 
Oh come
Pink powderpuff
Crinum lily
St. Christopher's lily
Silver dollar eucalyptus
White african iris
Katie's charm ruellia
Variegated shell
My honey's name is Holly
Her daddy's name is Doyle
Her sister's name is Amy
And her mama's name is Iris
And her brother's name is John

They live in
luna llena mi vida 
Y de sueño el amor mió 

Y una amapola me lo dijo ayer 
Que te voy a ver 
Que te voy a ver 
Y un arco iris me pinto la piel
(sun) camouflage iris dance a while upset! aspire in height locate fragment one eyes swept iris camouflage iris dance a while upset! aspire in height
less destiny

The day of endless light
Consumed in the darkness
Black iris of the sun
Consumed in the darkness

This time the trickery of light remains

Iris A thousand steps / Paperman Obviously / Iris The Jewish cemetery / Paperman It may come in handy / Iris Let me get him. Your heart /
day fall
It's wise to
Sever our loss
A redefine pulse
Through the iris

Love's not all lost
But it's nailed to my cross
And crucified all that
menino que passar debaixo do arco-íris vira moça, vira
A menina que cruzar de volta o arco-íris rapidinho vira volta a ser rapaz
A menina que passou no
Com energia da mais pura cor

Feito aquele arco-íris que circunda meu amor
Feito aquele arco-íris que circunda meu amor
Xangô, Oxóssi e Iemanjá
of birds
A sad sea
A joyful sea
A wild iris
pero no lo encontraremos no
porque yo soy como el viento why
tú eres lluvia. 

Lluvia, lluvia
arco iris
vienes why te vas 
mojando mis

Iris I like to think my heart is just a muscle  A muscle that I've learned to control  I figured, hell, one harmless midnight tussle
the iris to the sun
It once was open, soon its gone

Soon it's gone
Soon it's gone

So pale and lifeless
What you're doing to me
I'm doing to myself
If you said don't, she would
He had a love for her pure as diamonds
Back when good times were really good

And every night they would run
And from
the skies open wide, let Your child see Your eyes
Iris to iris, I will be waiting
Let the skies open wide, let Your children be like diamonds reflecting
sternum to button, lined lip pinches in between

Your foothills
Your warm

Iris swims quietly beside me
Oh the leaves and larger weeds sway
Iris reflects, your focus on beauty. 
Instant burning of stratosphere and ground. 
Visually harsh, the spectral extremes. 
Tempt you with shade,