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It's time again, it's definitely time again
Check, check, check check
It's time again

Funk say what?
Just a interlude y'all, just a interlude
"A musical interlude by the vegetable himself."
If it's real 
Or just something we're both dreaming of 
What seems like an interlude now 
Could be the beginning of love 
Loving you 
Is a world
Sentimental and melancholy 
Whenever I think about you 
It's only a mood
A brief interlude 
That's better described 
As just feelin' blue 

These are memories for our time
Two think an escapade
A fly by night affair
Became an interlude
That I've perused
you are 

In meditation you are mine again 
I kiss your lips and softly pray 
This magic moonlit mood, 
This twilight interlude 
Will bring you
I'm not wanted I'm so all alone;
Always haunted
By the dreams I own;
But, though Im tormented
I must be contented 
Driftin' Dreamin' 
Dejaaawooogaagaaaaa suppaawoowwoogaaa
Woaaaa aaaaam waaoooo
Instrumental interlude+ singer throws up repeadatly

[Interlude 1]
He's our healer, our provider, he is
There, in our pain

[Chorus repeat, bridge repeat]
All this flesh will be gone, our mind
met you

[Musical Interlude]

I wanted to ramble and always be free but that was before I met you
I said that no woman could ever hold me but that
I'm not wanted
I'm so all alone

Always haunted
By the dreams I own
But though I'm tormented
I must be contented

Drifting, dreaming

Nighttime to some, a brief interlude
To others the fear of solitude
Brave Helios, wake up your steeds
Bring the warmth the countryside needs
was the end of a beautiful friendship,
And just the beginning of love.


That was the end of a beautiful friendship, 
And just
and next moment I kissed you
Fascination turned to love



(It was fascination)
who gave me summer, the whole winter too.
I lost the gladness that turned into sadness,
When I lost you.

[musical interlude]
And I lost the angel
everywhere he goes
That's why they love little Pirogue Joe

[musical interlude]

He's fast as a lightening quick as a cat
He can out run the best musk rat
you the way a woman follows
When she wants something..

[Music Interlude]

I've been in every kind of night,
Why, I shouldn't be afraid
and more
My love for you will grow

My dear one you will always know
Te Amo
I love you so

musical interlude

Oh my dear one 
You will always know

Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dream comes true

(musical interlude)
bejeweled and tiled
"How are you getting home" she laughed
Mermaids drowned but I clung to the raft
It's just the water in the bath
An interlude for
else to see 
Can be its own reward

A home and a family
A husband, a wife
And to life each day is a way of life

Orchestral Interlude

A home
(Instrumental Interlude)

Hey good lookin'
What you got cookin'
I need it on a Saturday night

Don't know if I fall
In a rock n' roll hall
That sound

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