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Jj looks down to the straight white
Hash marks on the highway
That preforate his own life
From the nation
His side of the cut is the
lover JJ Sneed
Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise
Turn your heart against me with her evil cunning eyes her evil cunning eyes
your love
JJ: Do what you want
WHITNEY: Shock me with your love
JJ: Give what you got
WHITNEY: Shock me til I can't sit up I can't sit down
Oh no
Guy Lombardo
C. Lombardo / J.J. Loeb 

A sailboat in the moonlight
And you
Wouldn't that be heaven
A heaven just
Come on, come on
Come on Jeff, answer 
Come on, man
JJ: Hello?
FP: Jeff, this is Prince, man
Jeff, wake up, 
Jeff, wake up
JJ: What do you
Well, J.J. Loomis had a dozen legs
He come sliding out there when you least expect him
And Crowbar Joe was a sacred pair
'Cause the one would hack
Well, J.J. Loomis had a dozen legs
He come sliding out there when you least expect him
And Crowbar Joe was a sacred pair
'Cause the one would hack
to your friends and the ones who love you
Moving on

JJ's song has been pushing you along
Gypsy man on a one night stand
Moving to the night far from
Little Sheila likes to wag her tail
Snores in church and loves JJ Cale
She rubs my feet all day all night
Oh, she's all mine 

She loves
We're J.J. Fad and we're here to rock
Rhymes like ours could never be stopped
See, there's three of us and I know we're fresh
Party rockers,
That way no storm could follow our tomorrows 
But shackled to a suitcase full of automatic thunder
All hail to death's boy-wonder


why al poco tiempo de navegar
Ya estoy en Kingston, Jamaica
Why J.J. que me dice
?No problem, only peace in my island?

why aj√° voy disfrutando el
thought it mad,
They just scratching the surface,
JJ can do the floor kiss.

Was he on display?
No, no, not today.
All that guy ever said,
He said,
Just to give a little music to boo me away
Hey J.J. can you play Cocaine
Do After Midnight it's all the same
Oo-wee how did I lose
From honey to the honey bee,honey bee
to honey
From this "Black Orpheus" and his guitar
to Eurydice
From J'J from good times the dope
thought it mad
They're just scratching the surface
JJ couldn't be with the other kids
Was he on display?
No, no, not today
And all that guy ever said
singing like Michel'Le
Have a nigga missing like JJ Fad
Beat a nigga dead like JJ dad
Damn damn James! Why you make me mad?
Shit got damn
I go ham
Home Mankato
At the graveyard in Lexington Kentucky
At the baseball diamond in Peaceful Valley
At JJ's Rose Arcade in Rapid City
In the living room
to do, 
Whatcha want to say? Ooooo


Hey J.J, What you been doin'
You say your car broke down the thing just isn't movin'
Hey J.J, Don't
Little Annie Fannie 
Morgan and Christian 
Katy and Nathan 
Tommy and Zem Zem 
Alex and J.J. 
Tai and Ezekial 
Amy and Josie 
Food and liquor stores rest on every corner
From 45th and State to the last standing hymn nuhana
J&J's, pale chicken, good finger licking
See'est la vie -
That's iust the way it goes - That's right!
It's J.J.
What you been doin'?
You say your car broke down
The thing just
Hey J.J., what you been doin'?
You say your car broke down, the thing just isn't movin'
Hey J.J., don't you know
When you're down there's just one
J.J. Dean and Pigsty Paul, just coughed and grinned
And sank into the pack, don't turn me back

J.J. had blessed us
Cramped me up with salt, Tequila,
J-J-J uh J-J uh Jesus.
And I don't care what you say its still just,
J-J-J Jesus,
Don't cha ever forget that.
Uh J-J-J uh J-j uh Jesus!