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The fundaments of language
Give me, body - give me - body - body - give me your body
Don't talk, don't talk, don't talk, don't talk, don't talk
Baby don't talk
Body language
Pussy language
Shout it out
Bad man, nuh, wear seat belt
on me hard as I try
Your look of love, I can't describe

I'll use the language of love
The language of love
You'll understand what I say
Words are never
talk is second handed
Cause the language that you speak, I can understand it
You're speaking body language, s sexual and so sweet
Body language, it
all unique
Our hearts are still the same

Love in any language, straight from the heart
Pulls us all together, never apart
And once we learn to speak
Mix it up and make it nice.
Cussed it once and cussed it twice.
Talking chrome and whispering steel.
Escargot and lemon peel.
Body language
I got to do something
We may be on the same planet
Living in different worlds

Do you speak the Language Of Love
Living in the touch of your fingers
the fact is

You must stay with me and learn the secret language of birds

A tentative dawn about to be breaking
On a Rousseau garden with monkeys in
Come on and do the love dance
(yes you can, yes you can)
Come on and do the love dance
(with your eyes, with your hands)

Body language, body
Language of agony, torment in sound
Weeping of ancestors formed into words
The echo of anguish, primeval sorrow
Second step next language
I selected it
Cant you see it in my eyes?
And Im a competent selector of lies
That will not help you

Second step
Speech behind speech
That teaches itself under the touch and sight
In the night-bound city
Uncovers spaces where no spaces were before

The Language of love is in your eyes.
Reading your body, just like a (book).
For the language of love. oooh . The
Language of love.
I've heard many
The spirit rose, above a hundred languages
And the moon was there for all to see
And the beat goes on across a 100 languages
And the sun is the same,
luxuries, statues, parks and galleries

Europe has a language problem
Talk, talk, talk, talk, talking on
In central Europe
Men are marching
You're gonna need me, it's the same in any language
The pain in any language is the same in any language
I'm gonna love you, till you love me
Been cheated of my youth 
You turned this lie to truth 

You'll suffer unto me 

Harvester of sorrow 
Language of the mad
You speak to me in sign language,
As I'm eating a sandwich in a small cafe
At a quarter to three.

But I can't respond to your sign language
Been cheated of my youth
You turned this lie to truth

You'll suffer unto me
Harvester of sorrow
Language of the mad
The stark language of our cave
Whose guardian angels prohibit battery
A perfume not over-hyped
The cakemaker never fails to stun me
As I glow in
Hanging out, I been stoned alone
Seven eleven bar tree logged
Watchin' the bongs speakin' some kind of language
Some kind of language I do not own
the people here
All look the same
The little time I spend with you
We drink each other dry

Speak my language

It was only
She says no
When she means yes
And what she wants
You know that I can't guess
When we want more
You know we ask for less
Such is the language