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I want L.O.D. love on delivery guaranteed
You've got to give a-me L.O.D
Love on delivery guaranteed
It's got to be.

And at the end
Wu-Wu-Tang the-the-the Legion of Doom

[Method Man: talking]
L.O.D. Killa Beez Wu-Tang
Baby Yeah!
50 Grand Method Man

They say L.O.D
The L.O.D. is deep then the niggas Under The Stairs
I crack million dollar script like an archetict
And execute like the chair when I inflict
back door, cryin'
Lord, I never felt so sorry, Lo'd
Honey, till she said goodbye

Lord, I'm goin' down to the river
I'm 'on sit down on the ground
Vicious: ]

Yo  it's um  simple philosophy 

Doe  ray  me  fa  so  love L.O.D. (yeah  yeah) 

Aye yo 50  (What's up?) answer this question (What's
cracks a joke he is sweet
He listens to Hip Hop in Gaza
She listens to Coldplay in Lod
Ha, ha, ha. This is Dr. Trevis, coming to you live
In this motherfucker, Keith Murray. L.O.D.
From the city niggaz, ha ha ha...

Keith Murray`s
(Def Squad) (hoody-hoo!)
Yo, you know what it is (L.O.D.)
You know what it is (hoody-hoo!)
Yo, you ain't nobody, body, body

Who the fuck, am I,
more years
And the world will be happy, ooh Lord Lod
And we won't shed no more tears

Got that woman on the White House,
She's blindfolded holdin'
featuring 50 Grand  Keith Murray 

Yo DJ Honda  HAI 

Keith Murray  HAI 

L.O.D.  HAI 

50 Grand  HAI 

Redman  HAI 

Erick Sermon
And roll with Def Squad and L.O.D. everday X2

Abracadabra talk shit I'll reach right out and grad ya
The hype got you like gimmy
Don't let it have ya
to the curb 

Who you wit? (Def Squad0 
Where you at? (L.O.D.) (x4) 

I shook hands with all across the land from here to Japan 
Back to the motherland up

Let me show; I gotta love L.O.D., they put me under they wing
And then I teamed up with the most beautiful thing
In the world, 'cause L.O.D. we
Na północy ściął mróz 
Z nieba spadł wielki wóz 
Przykrył drogi pola I lasy 
Myśli zmarzły na lód 
Dobre sny zmorzył głód 
Lecz przynajmniej się
the sign
Thunder and lightning in the sky
They'll call us to battle, they'll call the LOD (legion of doom)
They'll call the inheritors to fight at their
Method Man, Redman
Hip hop got Barack in his be-Boy stance
Like a nigga with no legs, you don't stand a chance
Against the Wu-Tang, Def Squad, L.O.D
of things some fake rappers won't
Now I'm the show shocker plus the show stopper
Down with makin G's and all the block clockers
Down with L.O.D
time it is 
Straight up 
Straight motherfuckin' Def Squad  L.O.D. 

We can stand in the water and can't get wet 
Def Squad always got some fly shit
money you can make and how much damage you can do
But the simple fact is that you want to be me
Redman, Erick Sermon, and the L.O.D.
But the next time you
the others, punk motherfuckers 
But I'ma keep it real, cause me and you is brothers 
It'll happen so fast boy you won't stand a chance 

Cause the L.O.D
he drunk
Before he wined up in my trunk
I gotta left that will fracture your chest and crack ribs
L.O.D. motherfucker we gonna see you again

chest and crack ribs
L.O.D. motherfucker we gonna see you again

Now, guess who's comin' through the streets
With heat and fire that make the people
the flyest transparent style on the planet
"You're quite hostile..."
"I gotta right to be hostile!"
Straight from L.O.D., Kirkland Ave
"You're quite
a unstoppable bullet
With wings my ears ring your name when you speak of me in vein
Enter the center like a big bread winner
So L.O.D. can eat that ass up for
To my man L.O.D.  Def Squad 
Hey yo  this goes out to my man 
Adrissa "Knockout" Beauwright and Anthony "Apple" Ames 
Word is bond 
I'm talking