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Louis Vuitton's second bag's logo mark
It isn't LV, it's LB, it's too funny
for sjølv å bli et krigsoffer

They got me sittin' back thinkin'
Thinkin' about my G's loc
Rolls to their grave site
Pray as I kneels low
[ L.V. ]
Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died all he left us was alone

[ Prode'je ]
Pops was a roller,
[ L.V. ]
Papa was a rolling stone
Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died all he left us was alone

[ Prode'je ]
Pops was
with a nice sweet, sweet 
Drop miles and Philippines to the whip 
LV's and double G's on my fit 
Plenty y'all, you fuck with us 
We mash out like mop
a bouquet
LV's nigga on every suitcase
YM nigga, it's a new day
We the champions, nigga hooray
Hammer in the Loui'd up
Take the nigga's bitch, she give
guy,fly guy wit a nice gown gucci top with the nikes high, or the Lv with the v neck T fly, so fly on the beach..beach chair loud damn shampaign from
losing your virginity

Girl I wanna be the first one
To buy your first purse, with the 2g's, the LV's
I wanna be the very first one
To do all
this all in one take
So let's try make that happen
Take one 

She pulls for F.H.M.
She like my black L.V.
We spilling Lpr up on my A.P.C.
Ya ya yah.. (4x)

It's almost 2000 y'all;
So this gon' be the night..

While you trippin off yo' car, yo' girls is trippin off ours
If we
Franklin bank rolls
LV's on my clothes
Jump man on my kicks
Don't like them Gucci shits
Got a lot of Louis shit
And a lot of Fendi shit
Got Ferragamo
the hat with the big ass B, my nigga?
HERMES, my nigga, Comme des Garcons and LV's my nigga
I wear Timberland and CC's, my nigga
Karl made it for me, oui
don't understand what goes on, goes on, goes on {LV, baby!}
In your mind

[Foxy Brown]
Now Luther what you mean if it ain't one thing, then it's
girls you know
Rock lettuce like this
LV on my back
Chanel on my wrist
J's on my feet
What's a bouji, bitch?

Hipster chick
I ain't with that shit
LV the logo even on the chain, 
Dopey funny style with a funky funky child
I do it frenchy style I let the money pile
She ain't wanna talk till she
Red bottom LV’s, limited edition
New king of the city, better ask permission
Turn bricks, face right on some Keisha
Rock star, great white, three
The original be	-I-Z
with the see-double-O L-V you see
Ain't no other MC like me!
Yeah! South Central Cartel is back in dis mutha......
And we 'bout 2 do it like dis.... L.V.       ohhhhhhh uhhhhhhhh........

Baby hold on another
the coolest skipper.
Live up in this hospital, Ain't nobody sicker.
Balling, baby, My jewels speak for themselves.
I got the LV's on the bag
just match
the G’s at
Ten k in my camos, word. Ten J's and I can’t move
Shades, LV was a little dough
Going hard for the days I was piss poor
And go hard cause I
we rockin'
Coppin', bottle-poppin'
Pop a cork like a sport
Hit a hater in the nose when I open my rose
L.V's and G's all over my clothes
with an honest hand
A modest man, aware of any counter-scam
Palm trees, magnum Don P's, L-V monograms
Hottest girls flew from Rio
Mojitos, mucho
Is that clear, I'm feeling bad as ever
Honey LV purse, eww Patten leather

I'll have her like hmmm..., she make me say mahhhh...
I'll have her like
And another one, Khaled! Cool & Dre
L.V., Swizz! [echoes]