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/ mi pa mi tcho andou mi pao yé
Alanné mba yi woma... wé / Ho tou sondé / Ho ma... yé
Alanné mba yi woma... wé / Ho tou sondé / Ho ma... yé
We ya
to love you've still gotta talk to her heart

She can have a college degree
MBA or a Ph.D.
She can be strong and she can be smart
But when it comes

Yékéké nimo yé ké yé ké
Yékéké nimo yé ké yé ké

Djely mousso ni kédjou to wara bo
M'ba mofila téma yan féou

Yékéké nimo yé ké yé ké
even final yet
Traded his MBA for a SUV 
On a backwoods road in Tennessee
Cause Manhattan ain't the place to be 
When it all goes south 

When it
Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better

Enter the young idealist
chasing dragons to slay
exit the hustler
packing up his M.B.A.

got somethin' -- somethin' in my ear
I got ducks that float
I got a power boat
I got a wife who's almost got her MBA
In every argument I always get
don't agree
The only cause that you don't believe
Is just say
No one but my kind
Has an open mind

Your daddy drowned in tuition fees
Your M.B.A
mbeinn mo bhádóir nar dheas mar shnámhfainn
A ceann 's ar carn da mbíonn grá mo chroí
Bhéinn a rá leis na tonnaí gorma
In airde leis na bruaigh
was good and love was easy 

She's got an MBA and a plush corner office 
She's got a don't mess with me attitude 
She'll close a deal she don't
material, Ivy League scholar
Had a Ph.D., had an M.B.A.
But now he's waiting tables cause their's rent to pay
Companies downsizing, inflation's rising
Gur tógadh mé in �irinn
Láimh le Loch Eirne
I gCoillidh Lios na Raoch
Bhí seanbhean insan chlúdaigh
Is stocaí ar a glúiní
m’ba yé
Hé sikey
Kana yèlènfè ka nièkôrôko kè
Dé ka n’kôrôtiniè
Sikiniôkondjoukou mana wili
Oko né yé horon yé mouna bi wawa
defines me
MBA came find me
Even if they did I'd sell for two billion, smiling (ha ha)
Move [?] no silence, grew up around keys and violence
Was taught
harmonicizatiumal purposes, while de ones with de m.b.a.'s hit de lobby 'n sell some shit, 'fo de customers over-run yo' ass! me
Le, lil' guy, go get yo' rubber girl
a fur-
In perfect shape
Owned by an MBA from uptown
I got a tweed
Broken in by a greedy
Broker who went broke
And then broke down

You don't have
the NBA
It's easy to get a grant and get an MBA
To achieve one goal there's more than one way
Young people on the whole we have lost our way
I don't care

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