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Fixement, le ciel se tord
Quand la bouche engendre un mot
Là, je donnerais ma vie pour t'entendre
Te dire les mots les plus tendres
Brainsick, Tick, Tick, Tick, MF blow it up
Slow it up, speed it up, slow it up, speed it up
Mettle Finger's feed beats Grimm Reaper eat it up
[MF Doom]
Yo, yo
Bring in the big guns, weapons is ready
In the square shoot the heady reppin the yeti is ready
Bout time last train from Gun
'cause we're going for a drive
Now what you gonna do? - ah

a buck
You don't really give a flying fuck
About the people in misery

I-M-F dirty M-F
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that
[MF Doom]
As the life cycle goes on ... goes on

And you learn to hold on (hold on)
To things like the mic ... the mic

And you learn to appreciate
of cake
It ain't no MF piece of pie

{clock ticks}

What If time's only reason?
Was to give us all somethin' to fear?
And if so y'all, the end
WILLIE ISZ in all caps like MF explain DOOM!
Cops refuse like a thousand elephants in a room
My fuse broke, I'm hot like the human torch
Make your
can push out more than we can even find
Nobody looks so good as with a burst of the fire
Give 'em what they looking for

It's a G-D M-F
I poured myself some coffee
Left your cup on the shelf
I'mf finally feeling all right
With being by myself
I'm healing
I'm gettin' over you
The last thing to fit was the mask, when it conformed to my twisted features
in comfort.

Verse One: MF Doom

He cleans his metal mask with gasoline
M.F. sample}
Introducing Mayte (Hello darling, so where're we gonna go?)
Tony M., Kirky J. and Damon D.
(I wanna be loved 2 the 9's, 2 the 9's) {Love 2
[MF Doom]
A fly tramp, that's what she called me
'Cause I don't wear no Stetson hats like Paul C
As y'all see, who give a fuck? Who know what is
name usually said in hostility
Um what is MF? You silly
I'd like to take "Mens to the End" for two milli'
"Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo!" That's a audio daily
Let?s go. 
St. Louis
Let?s go
I told ya I gon? change the game
LA all day
They can't ya boy
I get money
Ya m*f*'s ain't ready
(feat. MF Grimm)

[MF Grimm]
Tossing, turning, dreams of murder, someone's killing me
Of changes, there's nights I'm on a killing spree
( Asa Spade )
Shit Uh huh
MF Next millennium
Uh Its real live here 

God damn playa I love being a gangsta!
I got ah million dollar face and uh
The Land-O-Lakes from my man MF Doom!
Ha ha ha ha! Yeah!
Rock-shockin' the house, with another nugget
Uh-uh-ah, eh, oh, ah, hoo-wee!
Regulation status,
[Ignignokt] Forst you wreck yourself
[Err] Hey man, you made a rhyme!
[Ignignokt] Yes it is for I am a rap God, from beyond the moon

[MF Doom]
yo decir
Velo por mf caminar
Why ando recto por ahi
Si al pasar me has de juzgar
DIOS se encargara de ti
Why soy humano como tu
Me caf me levante
now (Yeah that's us)
MF come on baby say it now (Yeah that's us)

Verse 1 (Spade)
Yo listen here playboy we gone get that dough
Face of the Cartier tic
flossed the ring, super
Average emcees is like a TV blooper
MF Doom, he's like D.B. Cooper

Out with the moolah, I let her get a outfit
Just to cool her
On the microphone he flossed the ring "Super!"
Average emcees is like a TV blooper
MF DOOM he's like D.B. Cooper
Out with the moolah, I let her get a outfit
coupe you bitch
Play boy


{Mannie Fresh}
I'ma get it how I live and by me a quater
And put about 10 inches up in somebody daughter
I'm M.F
Feeel the magnetism between uuuus (The mic)
Growin in stronger and stronger (The mic)
Whyy dont we do it (The mic)

[MF Doom]