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(m&l - weikath)
This song is instrumental
(m&l - grapow)
This song is instrumental
(m&l - deris)

I saw a million people crg
I heard so little laughter
Tasted so many tears of mine
Still didn 't feel good after
Sometimes I just wish
(m&l - deris)

There 's a light in the sky
Shining ali a iife for one heart
There 's a light in the sky
That will lead you when we 're apart

All my
Den mektige Fyrste
Vil drpe oss I renhet
Alle onde makter
Ml vike for hellighet

Renhetens elv renner gjennom
De helliges liv
For l utruste dem
I.B. - Interview Bitch
B.S. - When I'm not sure who's talking, or Dres and Lawnge both are
M.L. - Mista Lawnge
Dres - Who else?

(Yo-Yo:  "Don't
make me cry?
You say you don't believe in luck and I do agree with you.
Sometimes I really have to wonder.
I sure feel lucky when I'm next to you.
(m&l - weikath)

Come hither to this place and let your mind fly free
For that's the only way how everyone should be
We all need something that we
(m&l - grosskopf)
Ice cold metalmonster creeping
Through the darkest night
Heart of gold and steel
Because I don't know what to write
Pins and chains
la salade pas les petits bonbons et l’sucre en poudre
Passe la paix aux negros dans les Merco ML
Avec les jantes qui tournent sur elles-mêmes

grym tjej som hade ml
Allt frstrdes nr do tog din frsta nl
Samhllet do hatar men snlla st p dig
Med denna lten s hoppas jag, jag nr dig
Do are ett
prodigue Esto memor !
(Mon gosier de m'l parle toutes les langues.)
Les minutes, mortel fol'e, sont des gangues
Qu'il ne faut pas l'er sans en extraire
(m&l - grosskopf)
To give what I got, to take what I need to live, it ain't easy for me,
Darken my eyes, tell me lies, but all nice, tell me how I
Hey, I'm the one that can't stop
Be it night or day
I'm a fuckin' skeleton yet
Dancing on your grave
A 1000 mls an hour on an
Empty tank of gas
mouth niggas will put ya
In the ground 'round here
One-time don't even fuck around and come 'round here

[Snoop Dogg]
M.L. and 21st, where niggas
Y ahora tu quieres volver después que todo te dí 
Y me aventaste al olvido
Ahora que todo va ml, ahora si me quieres ver 
Y quieres hablar conmigo
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I want ya look keep on puttin' on a show
Mmm-da da
Oh oh
Mmm-da da
Let's go ML
on puttin’ on a show
Mmm-da da
Oh oh
Mmm-da da
Let’s go ML
Yeah grüße nach Flensburg, ich fahr ohne Lappen im Benz rum
Im ML und hör Xavier Naidoo
I need a girl part two im KFC drive-through

hustling, y'all n****s know how we do it.
Y'all know what it is.

All the way from the motherf***ing west side to the south side n****.
ML king, Fabora,
we do it.
Ya'll know what it is.
All the way from the motherfucking west side to the south side nigga.
ML king, Fabora, Four-five, the whole Four
(m&l - grosskopf)

I see black, I see white
I see the darkness and the light
Life goes up, life goes down
I am the hero and the clown

(I live it up)
Hit the country club then picked up ML
Eighty west, back to the hotel

At the telly, Bones is doing butt work
Johnny Z had his hand up a miniskirt
rap français
Au volant d'la délinquance, j'avance et avancer en ML
Donc me dis rien au phone-tèl si tu veux pas griller ta puce
Emcee, t'es pas