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Miri it is while summer ilast 
With fugheles song 
Oc nu neheth windes blast
And weder strong

Ei, ei! What this nicht is long!
And ich, with
don't know how to act
Travel on estranged 'cause you don't know your own way
They'll get you in the end then you'll pay 
'cause O.C. life is not
travel on estranged 'cause you don't know your own way
they'll get you in the end then you'll pay
'cause o.c. life is not the life for me
stupid little
Andei algumas léguas procurando 
Você pra amar 
Você pra amar, você 
Passei, foi muito tempo a procura 

from a high-rise
Doc Oc operate by the clock
Medicine bag come down by your block
Raise the dead, hypnotize with your head
Chemical react surgery
it movin' or you catchin' a wild life
We gettin' dirty no more livin' a foul life
Since a baby, ??, sayin' that child trife
It's A.G. and O.C
Yeah, uhh
Rock on the boards, why'know?
Hahahahahaha, yeah
Yeah yeah, what what
Yo, yo

Whatever I write, I abide by, sayin what I mean
featuring you NAST ?Nevaha? 
Uhh uhh 
Yeah yeah 
Hah hah 
you NAST and O.C. 
O.C. and you NAST 
Yeah yeah 
Medina style why'know?
the sun the world revlces around your head
you'll be a bmoc till the day that you are dead

cuz o.c. life is not the life for me
stupid little
Uh yeah uh uh uh
What, Crooklyn Dodger Number 2
O.C., yeah back in the scene muthafucka
Me and Premo, you know, East New York
Bushwick, Bedstuy,
Chorus 4X
"One, two, yeah and you don't stop"
"One, two, huh and you don't stop"

"Ah check it out"

Style like somethin the microphone fiend
featuring O.C.  Q Tip 

[Q Tip] 

Yeah  check it out  we here with the big O 

With the big big O  and you know 

What we want y'all
featuring Big L 
 Ahh you don't stop 
 You don't stop you don't stop 
 O.C.'s on the mic and you don't stop 
 You don't stop you don't
together that nigga O.C.'s quite clever
Always and forever no one can do it better

Respect on the mic we in this for life
For the street thug to my
Yo - I hold the keys to the fountain of youth
Plus keys to a double-are 4 point 6 dick
Still in the mix, still up to old tricks up in the club
Kottonmouth gonna send ya.. right back where you venture 

Now green boards 
Blue sky 
Stress free 
No try 
Green bud 
D dub's call it O.C. life 
Breathe on me,
Just another punk coming straight out of O.C.,
Yeah you don't know me but I sure ain't no croney
Bringin a style that's fresh
Do you feel contrition
Or anger and denial
Are ya thinkin of yourself
Or the child, ah yea
Murder, murder

Southeast in O.C.
Lopers cruise
Yo, I'm in the Rover with my co-defendant, the club ended
Wolves posted out in front of the spot, I'm feelin vengeance in the air
Some kids
Its about to get hot!
Its about to get hot!
All this (huh)
And the beat it don't stop
We keep rockin it 
We keep rockin it

The OC to the lower east side
We're gonna set the night on fire
Jersey down to the Islands
It's all night long, come on now
From Miami and LA
along cause it's a must
So let us tell you who does all of this for us
(O.C) He stands up behind the strong
(O.C) He keeps the beat on time for so long
Yeah, dedicated to you and yours
OC phenomenon

Here goes a little somethin', for you and your mans
Dedicated to you and yours, from me
of a tec
Lets take a trip inside of my thoughts
Will I persevere on the mic like sports?
Take me in stride, O.C.'s worth listening
Watch the tricks of a hoe
Yo O pick up the phone indeed!
Yo yo whattup E whattup?
Yo what's goin on kid?
Chillin man, sort of
Yo you heard the O.C. shit?
Yeah yeah that