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Ohm Fat

Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm Sweet Ohm
Ohm, sweet Ohm
Ohm, sweet Ohm
Ohm, sweet Ohm
Ohm, sweet Ohm

Ohm, sweet Ohm
Ohm, sweet Ohm
Ohm, sweet Ohm
the girls
And they like me

The kind of town you can kick off your shoes
The kind of town can take away the blues
The kind of town we can all use
you just listen to the soul you become

I'm crying out
To every corner of the earth
Why can't we live as one
In Ohm, in Ohm

This is it, this is now
I'm everything you need, so tell me what's the deal

Two thousand watts, eight ohms, two hundred volts, real strong
Too much of that, fuse
Volta, Ampère and Ohm

Earth to Moon, it's the same as London-Rome

As solid as a liquid monument
Out of focus, blurred image
The time-frame of '69
and bounded with sighs
Step into my parlor
Said the spider to the fly

Stable hooved footprints ingrown
Cloak and dagger muzak blared in ohms
In this
Learn to walk another day
Ohm, ohm, ohm, ohm, etc
gotta way to my sister oh yeah
I gotta way to get to that Vatican library
I gotta way to my ohm oh yeah
I gotta way to my ohm oh yeah
I gotta way
Give me room
Ain't no time to Rock no boat gimme room

Harp sing time and playin ohm.

Gimme harp this harp harp this harp bite
loved one
Look out, here comes tomorrow
Ohm how I wish tomorrow would never come
the beat goes "ohm" 

And I roam through the streets of downtown Venus 
Trying to auction off monuments of Osiris' severed penis 
But they don't want no
Ohm baby the best is yet to come
Baby, the best is yet to come
Exactly like you now
the heards of elephants Marching into battle singing "Ohm na ma shivaya Ganesha, Ganesha" New lights needs room to run freely Without all of these obstacles
Again, again
Listen to these words
Listen to these words


You're just so late

You're just a dick to me
You won't get no wedding
a saint
Ohm I make stupid mistakes
But you love me anyway
Ohm I forgot your birthday
And yeahm I show up late
Oh, I'll get it right someday
'Cause you
And the birds in the pouring rain
Ohm but my heart belongs to the bearded woman
Who had a glory bound lonely gaze

She used to fit her head
complacent, I know
I know, I know, I know

You can't take it
Uh, ohm, uh, oh, uh, oh, uh, oh
So now you'll try
You'll try to take her away
Baptized by kilowatts and ohms, what's left is waiting. The embers rise like incense carry praryers for what is next to come.

Carry me on silver
whoa oh, whoa oh
I wanna know you
Whoa oh, whoa ohm whoa oh
I wanna go there where you go

I wanna find out what you know
And maybe someday down
Alle Wege führ´n nach Rom,
Hattest do gesagt.
In jeder Antwort immer ein leises Ohm´,
Wenn ich was frag.

Tauch mich in deine Farben,
Und nimm
wiess Emailjeschild säät „Salzburg“!
Schnie weed Rään, dann duhrt et niemieh lang,
dat do ohm Bahnsteig stehs un – jottseidank –
e Netz opspanns, dat
constantly search for one true god 
My icy gazer finally thawed 
I sit before you full of ohm 
In my mouse infested home? 
One morning I awoke for work,
your transist', say "ohm" to your resist'
Grease up your gears and do the twist
Like you was sitting at the top of Big Bopper's list
Flaunt your
speaker's ain't ohms or they dead blown
If they aren't turn this motherfucka up and mash on
As we blast off bitch ass niggas at fast rates
Growin at a fast