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nozama eht edam tah dael s'gnik

Yrots ym ot denetsil dah doG fi
Deneppah evah reve dluow siht fo enon
Yrots ym ot denetsil dah doG fi
Derrucco dah reve
Oblatsi prez reshetki
Kolektsii ot sulfetki
Vlakove, motoretki
Raziadeni podmetki

Klameni v ruka, konets prez igla
Igratchki v torba, lista
Od yeht
Pots t'now I tub
Tuo nur tsuj srebmun eht lit'
Hgih os tnuoc ylno nac I
Won reh ot dneirf doog a eb
Reh rof tiaw I tsum gnol woh
the lyrics of this song come from a prayer traditionally said just prior to beginning the Amidah

Adonai tz'va'ot sh'mo
Kadosh, kadosh
Hap and rowe the feetie o't        chorus, or repeated after last
I thocht I was a maiden fine           verse.)
'Til I heard the greetie o't
Comin' home to Bushlock Sadie
She's my woman, she's my baby
Comin' home ot Bushlock Sadie
Pretty little woman gonna drive me crazy...
Here in the desert
	We're running out of force
	Help us getting out
	Oh lord anything we'll do

	Afraid of all the things ot come
	We loose
Reluctant to conclude
Effects from the side interlude
Diminishing returns, perception inaccurate
Required ot apply chemical straightjacket
You have redeemt my soul
From the pit ot emptiness
You have redeemt my soul from death

I was a hungry child a dried up river
I was a burned out
Kylna se, nikoga da ne
Zabraviam teb
S kogoto pet godini
Vsichko sym delil

Kylna se, popadne li
V beda edin ot nas
Da mu podam ryka
I v losh

If you wanna be with me
Show me what you go-ot
Go ahead and let me see
Show me what you go-ot

You're trying to get it popping
20 seconds of hesitation. You can call me up if it starts to get quiet, 5,4,3,2,1... Ri ot. Supermarket Riot. Start your engines, start your riot.
In the eyes of an angel a heavenly glare
On the other side a demonic stare
The wings of light face the winds ot tiome
The wings of darkness in
an serve 'em piping ho-ot.

To make herself more beautiful she thought she'd bathe in milk,
She said, "I'll have a bathful," to her milkman Jackie Wilke.
I thought I had left it behind
In another fucking time
When boys were boys, girls were girls
And faces were hard ot find

It followed me

i was standin at the train statio nwith a guitar in my hand
then i went ot airport with my guiatr in my hand
i went looking for my baby who flew
the fire of universe
I'm falling down, no reverse

I Can't rewind my life to then
When I was freaming ot warmth
You took away the child I've been
And left me
years and then
He must have gone insane

You're the only hell
You're mama ever raised
She tried ot tell you
But you got to do things your own way
first help me just ot live it, Lord
And when I'm doing well, help me to never seek a crown
For my reward is giving glory to You

I need a magic stick
to get you in my trick
I need a rabbit's foot 
just ot get you hooked
I need a bowl of soup
just to make a stew
i need
Nas ne dogonyat...

Tol'ko Skazhe 
Dal'she nas dvoye 
Tol'ko ogni 
My ubezhim 
Nas ne Dogonyat 
Dal'she ot nikh 
Dal'she ot doma
until you've kissed and had ot pay the cost
until you've flipped your heart
and you have lost
how can you know what love is
do you know how
but enjoy the company

I'll take you home, ot back to Oklahoma
You're not so nice but the sex sells so cheap

Rise and shine all you gold-digging
ot down
This is your dear life
Oh it's the flame of love

But if you feel good in your heart
And if you are ever far
Oh that's thats when
to understand
Scraps of information forcing knowledge ot expand
Dealing with ignorance
Realize patience through observing the tolerant
Exercise gentleness toward

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