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Psi Com


PSI (Pitchshifter) · Psi Com (Psi Com) · PSI (Pitchshifter) · United World of Trance: Psi Trance ()

PSI power PSI power
PSI power PSI power
PSI power PSI power
I can read your mind like a magazine
I see where you're at
I know what you mean
I get
With Psi Power
Psi Power
Psi Power

I can read your mind like a magazine
I see where you're at
I know what you mean
I get all the secrets
the distance

In the chaos of oblivion

See the speed set to PSI
To cypher speed
Speed's set to PSI
To cypher
Reset to PSI
To cypher
What little is left smells impure;
Who did this? I'm not sure

No conscience interferes with
My memories of blood;
PSI energy remains
Where a human
A psi experiment to seek out the enemy
Unleashed abilities obscured within the self
Trace the site, start to decode
I seek signal lines, go
tesko vrijeme za matore prijatelju moj
na zidovima nasi tragovi
mi kruzimo kao psi
djevoje se ne obaziru za nama
njihove kose bude sijetu
dug je
third baby 
And sometimes I think maybe I should've left here long ago 

Travellers are stopping by, check their oil and their p.s.i. 
Gas up and away
and day, 
She's the most practical value in the USA 
She's got cruise control, ABS & EFI, I keep her Michelins at 32 psi
Hey, little minivan, we're goin'
- 32 psi?
that's not bondo - it's all stock - do you think that I would lie?
Has it been in any wrecks - my mechanic wants to check
oh no
et Juulia karkais kotoo, ikkunasta
Roomeo plli faijansa auton lainaanet psis pian Juulian
Luo tapaamispaikallesiel Juulia monta tuntii kylms odotti
a few
But there's a thousand motherfuckers in the pen bulletproof
So this one here for you, I'm a rep it 'til I die
Fuck a 5-K-1, check his P-S-I
zraci iz zgoljavih tijela
Dva musava klinca koji se tu muvaju kao psi lutalice
U daljini prolazi brod cruiser na kojem kao da se
Priprema bal. Na kojem
mir eine Notiz und setz' so das ganze Lied
Ich dreh' durch, wenn man nicht spielt, ich komm' näher zu meinem Ziel
шлюха, schieb' keine Psis, trag' das
who you shot
Fuck who what you sold
Fuck all that
Fuck that shit
Pull your mothafucking PSI out
And lets see who the fuck you told on
the state I'm in
I play my cards but somehow I can't win

-"Zeta" Pi Lambda Phi Alpha Psi
Ecstasy, Gras, Flex oder Piece
Ja ne Psi, das ist mein Steckbrief

Brate, sag was hat sich verändert?
Hafti machte mich zum Azzlack-Member
Sag mir du,
Möse, geile Chaya nennt man hier fettes Brett
Lession Tres, Trick, Psi, flax Politik
Komm wir spiel'n, Kopf, ich gewinn, Zahl, du verlierst
Rap von der
8 5 I Azzlack-Style, Cho, du weißt
Chaker robt den Scheiß, Nord-West Wiesbaden
Sixty-five trifft Süd-Ost Offenbach am Main

Ben-Life! Kein Psi
Ouallah ich geh mein Weg, in Prada oder Barfuß
Twizlar, [?] du weißt immer PSI
Royaume du Maroc, Hamdoulillah Amazigh
Ich sehe viel zu oft, die Gier sie
that PSI in he aorta artery.
Whoa! Is he a gusher or what?
Well, ladies and gentlemen that's all for this week.

We've killed everyone worth killing,
to rock and howie tee
Now, I'm talkin about omega psi phi fraternity
Givin a little history
For some people, their lucky number's 7
For q-dogs, it's 1911
play like crutch and fold up
HOLD UP, watch me flip shit like a gymnast Mary Lou Retton
Best play like Omega Psi Phi and start steppin
kannst wegrennen
Keine Zeit für Psis, Ratatat, Bang Bang
Tinnitus vom Piepston, Cops auf den Versen
Alarm, Alarm, ? rollen auf dem Makadam