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D:Ream · K'ream

I'll never stand in your way

There's no ream of shining gold
So strong that it can hold
A heart that longs to be near

The lips are cold, darling
In unseen reams of genesis
The seeds of revelation
Sculptured carnage
Clears the path to global domination

One step closer to being alive
And drift away with reams of youth 
So time is stolen 
I cannot hold you long enough. 
Soft blue horizons 
Reach far into my childhood days
crossed the ocean
Where no one could see
And I put a time-bomb
In your submarine
Goodbye to old friends
The secret's in hand
With full ream of papers
Torn from your body,removed while you scream
Dissect to collect my blade now reams
Pieces of flesh lie by the side
Worn on my body or put
first glance in "field and stream"
That salt water taffy was a fisherman's
Wet dream
Now every single night he's still gettin'
That big ream

I gulped and felt my loins dissolve!!!!!!!!!
my cues when the crippled many
Must sit with you, corrupt, without pity
The slogan [ream on(? )] greed, lust and power
Feeble, missighted, without
assume the worst the best we can
And for a round or two
They'd gladly track you down

We found you sleeping by your lover's stone
A ream of paper
lines and dots
Little lines and dots
Better I might think of better times

Spiral notebooks filled with verses
I've got reams of letters written but
can't rely
Do reams make no sound
As they die


Remember the nights 
By the river side 
No secrets from our sins
And the world would not
the artists who have
Known true Gods of Sound and Time.

With word and tint I did not stint.
I gave her reams of poems to say
With her own dark hair
rookie eating up the reams
I think it`s time to place my feet under the desk
And put my mark on another man`s dreams
This is the coronation of the king
your heart you were living the rest I had a dream of you but I never realized that baby
Ream was true until you opened my eyes and I will come through
rookie eating up the reams
I think it`s time to place my feet under the desk
And put my mark on another man`s dreams
This is the coronation of the king
dreams anymore


Once it was a revolution but now it's just a war
And even a rich man can't help being poor
When nobody reams any
It's nothing but
Did you warm it
Did you clean it
Clean it up
Did you rub it
Did you soap

Did you screen it
Did you ream it
Did you ruin it
Did you feed
one TV set - no cable
No frills, no fuss, perfectly us - unglamorous

No diamonds in our bathtub reams
Peanut butter on everything
No frills, no
a treasure trove of lividous compounds decaying
A trocar suctions out the blood while a sphincter suffers my raking
With reams of ichor and surplus of fæces,
Take all that you've read
And all you've heard said
Take every little bit of info
Clogged up in your head
Then play sane game
Ream out your
You might see me in Tokyo 
To the reams of silent hill let's go 
And you've the trip of your life with me 
But you won't turn chances never free
Slung in a hammock
Gathering reams of space and time
Two eyes that surrender
The call might come
Fire my anger and spoil the whole thing
Its not much
well, obviously it's not, I somehow manage to translate them from braille

The trails on your skin spoke more to me than the reams and reams of half
to show you how
But there's reams of scrapbooks in my basement
And a spiral staircase down

So pour it out
It's just a fairytale
You can't even trust