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The ends justify the means

Shopping Sprees, RPG's
Pimp my ride
Injustice everywhere
I don't
I hear your piteous shrieking
In this land of death
And boils and bees and RPG's
And piles of prisoners masturbated on
Now you are on fire
at me
Look out up ahead here come a R.P.G.
If I ever get home to Houston alive
Then I won't drive a truck anymore

I've driven the big rigs for all
then lean out
White phosphorus smoke screen the whole street out
Riot squad gotta reroute, Swat team can't see now
R.P.G. launch out the tree house
Blackhawks and RPGs were king

My buddy on the door gun, he never felt a thing

When our Huey caught a rocket and both the pilots killed

And it pitched us
Holton Street
Dean Street, click clack
President, uh huh
Nostril out, DP's
Orange Al, RPG's
T-Town, who wanna ride?
Brooklyn, come on, come
This is your thug turned punk
This is grown men crying

This is bombs in the street
Blowin' up when I drive buy 'em
Or its rpg's launched at me
a soldier
You ain't gotta do shit

But sit on your ass
And let somebody else pray those rpg's miss
Or when your country goes to war
Just lay down like
carpet type flow
still flammable like petrol
easy platform like Gecko
RPG stealth myself
PlayStation black belt tightly held
power off
very lofty
Response time is very faulty
I'm far too young to lead
And way to old to die
I ain't played Call of Duty, smoke you in Golden Eye
treibt das Flaggschiff in die Minen
Wird sich wer spiegeln in dem Lack von Limousinen
Sonne brennt auf matte Pick-Up Trucks
Wo die RPG im Himmel über
Holton Street
Dean Street (click clack)
President (uh huh)
Nostril out (DP's)
Orange Al (RPG's)
Tee Town (Who want to ride?)
Come on,
à Kaboul, à Sarajevo, RPG, jolis souliers

J'sors jamais sans mon fusil, jamais sans ma black card
Le premier qui pète un fusible, c'est l'premier qu'on va