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While she was sucking
Who's on the driver's side
DEA are dealing and getting high
Gone rogue
Can't be controlled
Hold your breath
Till the end
kiss me red
Kiss me rogue
Kiss me rough
Kiss me smooth
I could paint your picture in my room tonight
Your body's on my mind it's clear
the Solway sands
And Tweed runs to the ocean
To mark where England's province stands:
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

What force or gile could not
that restless spirit
Wherever the four winds blow
There's another dream
Just around the bend
Renegades, Rebels and Rogues

Fingerprints on my eyes like ten tiny maps to heaven.
Or ten rogue angels torching the house of god.
I fell something pressing against my kidneys.
Te vengo a dedicar mi ultima canción
Pues ya no volveré a rondar tu ventana
Bastante te rogué que me dieras tu amor
Como nada me diste ahí nos
I'll add a smart looking rainbow
Like you see pictured in Vogue

I've a wonderful buy
In a wrap-around sky
Of moonlight blue

And it's yours for
courting a maiden young. 
They stole her beauty, took no gold. 
Take no prisoners, take no rogues. 

Judge and jury, forty huntsmen rode to 
You treat me bright
You treat me warm

Your hours are so rogue
So i wont move

You hurt my eyes
You and your sunny shine
Hurts my

World wars, crisis, famine, cashing in all along
Slaves to bloody profit, determined to do wrong

Rogues en vogue, touching fire
It's the kind of thing that once drove men into the desert night I see no deserts here and the east end rogue you so admire is a murdering fuckhead
So patriotic!
The passive mammals can sleep
Cuz we worship 

Guns and god
Half-witted crones
Going rogue, don't
Retreat, reload 

Guns and god
H.I.G.H.L.A.N.D. Highland nigga
Heartless Insane Ghetto Hoodlum Livin' And Never Dyin'
That's what I'm talkin' about
Rogue dawgs, when I call my
hace tiempo sin amor 
Y el ultimo que tuve fue un borron 
En mi cuaderno 
Usted me cuenta que hasta le rogue 
Que no se fuera 
Y que su adios dejo
End up with my head buried to my neck in sand

Enough, enough

Bowing down to disillusion
Hats off and applause to rogues and evolution
echo round these churchyard walls 

Heroes and rogues 
Together surrounded by nature 
Lump in my throat 
Sat in the land of your maker 
I drift
And to prove I'm no rogue,
I'll add a smart-lookin' rainbow,
Like you see pictured in Vogue.

I've a wonderful buy
In a wrap-around sky
Of moonlight blue,
you better get that bitch to suck you - you queer trick,
you rogue spear, you bitchs handbag full of money.
she's in your wallet all the way up
stomach for a dumbed-down tomato
Gene genie, rogue soya beanie
Get thee behind me patent margarinie
Here's to you and your health and happiness
But no man is an island

Lay down your robe, leper or rogue
Keep yourself open here
Don't let the cold close to your soul
Lonely tonight

Passing like
the golden womb
He enter in his mind

We will die a littler
The rogues whistling
Nine blue-eyed sailors
Tip their caps to him
As he passes through them
As darkness dies this hour before encored eyes
Visions of fate await the rogue of savage lands
The rabid ritual rests on saber, sword and ruin
the whetstone's dark embrace
Brother of mine
Tender and rude like tiger skinned

We once were lechers, rakes and rogues
Mother of mine
You're coming through
I have seen for myself
The rogues of all life born
And I'm lying through the night
My solemn end

And a cold touch of death
Takes my hand
pictures now
A rotary wheel and some leftover shotgun shells
Nobody told us that the bastards were here
All the rogues and the scoundrels are shedding