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Deathstar universe
Join the fight
Blitzkrieg galaxy
Never say die

SS Deathstar

Planetary warzone
Solar eclipse
Deep into
I am the Captain of the S.S. Bathtub
I roam wherever I please
I am the Captain of the S.S. Bathtub
Come sail away with me

My friends come visit
You are gonna worship
Everything that they do

Werewolf women of the SS

Howl baby howl
Howl baby howl

Welcome to number 13
This is where
that it never gets you down S.S.
And that you know it would never push you around S.S.
You think that you can maintain this lifestyle now S.S.?
Like ss regalia on your skeletal frame a forked tongue French kiss from three feet away we hold each other like hostages one last time as the vipers
SS control...SS control, SS control...

[repeat chorus]

Flames, blood, damnation
Suffer and bleed for majesty
Satan, master, Lucifer
S.S. in Uruguay
Sous un chapeau de paille
J'siffle un jus de papaye
Avec paille
S.S. in Uruguay
Sous le soleil duraille
Les souvenirs
For the universal language
Esperanto musiko
La lingo futuro

[Another phonemes solo]

Eh-ss-p-eh-rr-ah-n-t-o mm-you-ss-ih-k-o
No hands on the ss eggshell
How long has it been left alone
Forgotten almost made it home
No use now a random farewell
No hands on the ss
When you hear them cuckoos hollerin'
When you hear them cuckoos hollerin'
When you hear them cuckoos hollerin'
Sign of rain, buddy, it'ss
tunnelin p??ss?, orjien on kuoltava
Milloin te huorat tajuatte ett? ME OLEMME JUMALIA?

Kuolema, kuolema, kuolema kaikille
of the s.s. regime 

he's in the bedroom, he locks the door 
one knife can't kill him, one bathroom floor
we leave girl, you know where you going
Straight to the 'tel, you ain't leaving 'till the morning
Same old thing, yeah you know that s***'s boring
And live in joy my whole life through.
* originally appeared on the Rush Hour soundtrack

Intro: (DJ S&S), Slick Rick

(Uhh check it out..... S&S......
with the ruler '98........Def
(Original song by SS Decontrol) 
Police pick me out of the crowd, 'cause I dress different, act real loud.
Police, Police
There's no questions
got leather straps
Les boys got ss caps
But they got no gun now
Get dressed up get a little risque
Got to do a little s & m these days
It's all in
faults of mine,
And love me as I am.

And don't try to make any changes, it wouldn't be worth your tears,
Don't try to make any changes, ss my mother's
Breed for Satanas, Die for goatgod
Kill for Lucifer, Satan wants your blood


Breed for Belial, die for Leviathan

SS Law !

the poison's in the water
And you're not sure if you taste it

Ss it over, is it ending
Am I at the edge or falling

Take my hand, all we have
(Uh check it out, S&S with the ruler '98, Def Jam)
And here we are, in the phase again
That ol' funeral music, is he goin' to heaven or is he goin'
Two T.E.N.Ss, one hundred and two Rock H Designs
We put them in this room with this sex machine and started breeding
They claimed that the woods not
in H.G. Wells backyard
I.C.B.M's, S.S.20's they lie so dormant they got so many
Remember your childhood
Remember the journey
Hope is what you say
monks in SS uniforms
Then fled to Hotel Bloedel, outside Nuremberg
A long way south, to a reasonable smell of death

And it's quiet again
Escape me
Ss you walked away
Tie me
For my sake
To the dream that haunts you

Could never stand the middle
Want to go far and further