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packed, and I'm goin on a trip" -> Derek X 

[LJ] See, like this.. 

[LJ] Aiyyo Peace God 

[SX] Peace! 

[LJ] Yo you up? 

[SX] Yeah I'm up
featuring Sadat X 

[Kool] Yo Sadat whassup? 

[S.X.] Yo I'm right here 

[Kool] I got these two girls 

They ready to roll up
livin' out my dreams
Cypress, Assassins, SX, latin thug thing
Fools think they get bad, I ain't really with that 
Flavor of the month, bro, ? try
assassin, SX, Latin thug thing

Fools need to get back, I ain't really with that
Flavor of the month, programmers try to dispatch
Always got the good batch,
remember screaming my name
'Cause I can s-x your brain
But she don't do it that way, ay, no 

She's prettier than I'll ever be
Got yourself a beauty

Sx percent in college
from livin on the block
twenty five percent in prison
the school of hard knocks 
fifty percent in poverty
is livin