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Chill N' Taco: A Chill Out Tribute to Mexican Music () · The Pink Taco (Atom Pushers) · Best of Taco (Taco) · Killer Taco Stomp (Runnin' Wild) · Taco Placero (Paquita la del Barrio)

Mayonnaise taco Monday, it smells like underwear.
Mayonnaise taco...And something over there.
Mayonnaise taco Monday, I put it on the dog.
Taco...grande Taco...grande

Yo quero chimichangas y chile colorado
Yo tengo el dinero para un steak picado
Las flautas y tamale, siempre muy
From the snow capped mountains to the coral shores
You're the only one my heart adores
You've only got three competitors
Tacos, enchiladas
Today at the New Morocco
I got kicked in the taco
All I saw were stars

Say, it's a bit nightmarish
From here to Albondigas parish
sediento y con pocas esperanzas de encontrar una senal divina
se sento en un puesto de tacos, en el estacion taco de molina 
y ahi  el hombre descubrio
pass the taco smell that's on your hands
Home from school where's the head because my [thought's with the dead]
Hit my head, hit my head, hit my head

And I'm proud to be an asshole from El Paso
A place where sweet young virgins are deflowered.
You walk down the street in knee-deep tacos
Chile Taco's, may I take your order please
Ba da da da da, Ba da la da da
Chile's Taco, may I take your order please or would you like
the kids were diseased giant airplanes, uh,
Crashing underneath electro-magnetic fuse
Guys with flamethrowers melting taco trucks
Were crashed there was
she's a full time drag queen
Fish taco whore
'cause she's a man and a bitch to the core
Full time dragqueen
Fish taco whore
She's a man and a bitch
a basket of chips 
Then move on to the pollo asado taco 
I would like two pollo asado tacos with one beef chimichanga 
On the chimichanga, I would like
Taco Shop

-*Chorus*- [chingo bling]
I'll take you to tha taco shop(vamonos)
Big chile is what I got(chingo bling)
Its cheaper than any spot(uh huh
Taco Placero

Pero que estupido fuiste
Resultaste poco hombre
Mira que hablar de una dama
Eso si no tiene nombre
Yo deberia callarme tal como
Tiqui tícalo todo taco a taco 
Junta júntalo a ese mango con lo que hay 
Con no mas de lo que hay 
Unta úntalo de cayena y menta y además sin
I don't want to grow up
I just want my Taco Bell


No more science, history
English is just Greek to me
I don't want to know my score
did, yes you did

The taco tiki hut is where we're all gonna meet
Underneath the chandelier at the ATM machine
Oh honey, is it all about money?
There?s a picture of us in Baha, California
Eating fish tacos and drinking cold, cold beer
And man we had the time of our lives
Yes that was
preparing the sinner
There's a place called Taco Red
And a pier
There once was a species who filled up the world
With lust, love, confusion, talk, tacos, and turds.
need directions
To find my way back to you

Take another turning
On the old creek road
Making sure I don't get lost
I'm hoping to hell
My taco's
Merci, Madam, voila le bearded clam

A vida é uma sinuca
Mais confio no meu taco
Meu borogodó
É do Balacobaco
Do Balacobaco

Minha patroa é estranha
Passa o dia só na cama
And a taco in my jeans
On the map if you glide
She's got such ugly thighs
I got taken by surprise
With the plate of flaming noodles

comía tacos de palabras, comía
Bebía, bebí,a agua de mentiras, bebía
Comía, comía, comía tacos de palabras 
Why de mentiras
Palabras, palabras, palabras
They're gonna build a fire

When daylight breaks, I'll be down that road.
Rockman 'an me, with a lighter load.
We'll stop for lunch, in some taco bar.