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velvet lines the black box
Bela Lugosi's dead
Undead undead undead
The virginal brides file past his tomb
Strewn with time's dead flowers
Bereft in
de la mar

Tu cuerpo es una copia de Venus de Citeres
Que envidian las mujeres cuando te ven pasar
Y llevas en tu alma la virginal pureza
Por eso
Climb the fibrous ladder dear friend
Watch your head
Watch your step
Chained meat-hook your new ally and playmate
Hang yourself from the virginal
velvet lines
The black box

Bela Lugosi's dead
Bela Lugosi's dead
Undead undead undead
Undead undead undead

The virginal brides
File past his
the sky there would never be any trace of angels
Yhe virginal air would be vaguely transparent
Yet it would always be somewhat bright
The wind would
Murderers! stoop up the cry.
Stoop much lower than thou.
Flush out militant vermin,
Revenge won't stain your virginal gowns.

Ulterior exterior
your blue sky
And your dreamy
Virginal tenderness

I don't know you very well
But I really like you

Egypt, I'm a gonna 
A, see you soon
Princess of lust
Dignity put to dust
A virginal sight
Their apple to bite

Drink from my thighs
The rain of lies
A sight so cursed
She flies the ocean shore of Kildare over tombs of the harpy fields
Lonely girls ride the great beast, Virginal Goddess of Hunt Diana

Discarding all that was before, let's crawl inside

La virginal souls devour without shame, we lick our lips clean, so clean
No one outside knows, no one
Princess of lust
Dignity put to dust
A virginal sight
Their apple to bite
Drink from my thighs
The rain of lies
A sight so cursed:
Breasts which
A place where sinners fall in love
They say that opposites attract
So very strange:
Black On Black

a virginal trembling hand
A frightened sacrificial lamb
Regazo maternal, placenta viva, templo de bondad
Soberana mujer, seno matriz, el vientre original
Entraña virginal, pródiga fuente de fertilidad
whom you
Were taught to renounce
In your virginal fear
The sweat, the hands, the sleepless nights
And the violence of the silent sighs
All of them
The artifice virginal air became the odor of sinful obsession
we subsequently trespassed the boundaries of apt behavior
A midwinter night's gleam,
Visions of her virginal white beauty 
Dancin' in your head
Your soul's on ice
Your soul's on ice

Brother brother 
Are you suffering from a social
Chromium lips and metallic eyes
The reverse cowgirl death defies
Virginal sinners tell sadistic lies

Tonight I want you in my arms
It's not
Under the glare of a waxing death-moon
Terrible beauty of love severed
Rip the baby from the virginal womb

The blood of Jesus
Is the wine
I lust a princess - A crystal queen
Virginal whiteness is all that I dream
My magic snow - Show me your real
To make a contact - I'm dying to feel
I lay down beside you : I am a unicorn, you a virginal maid,
And I come in laughing play ----
But, maybe, to be saved.
Peer through the backcloth
Virginal goddess of Hunt Diana
Through the Brocken Spectre rose a lureing
Sister of Morgana, forever dressed in black
Journey through the witch
Instinctive urge
Tremendous search
Deranged and Paralyzed
Virginal flesh
Summon the death
Perception really numb
A horrible man
Did the lifeline patterns change as I became a man
An added aura untold blends as I asked for her hand
Did your golden needle sow its thread virginal
mismo que me funde.
La canción compañera,
Virginal y ramera, la canción.

Comenzamos un día
Por los tiempos
De siempre y todavía;
seems so natural
So very physical
A little virginal
At last you're tearing down all fences
Don't be afraid you must obey
The tug of the call of the wild