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Wad Ad · Faul & Wad Ad

Foolish crack head tard bum dick wad dick wad asshole oh so foolish dick wad dick wad crack head tard bum sketch job dick wad dick wad old pinche
more wad of it, well
Now we're getting close to the heart of it!

One more piece of meat
One more grain of sand
One more bad decision
One more
speed balls
One more night
Making your rounds once again
Turning up empty handed
Bumming a ride
Burning daylight
Last up at dawn... tight wad hill
Twit me, I am thy tyke;
Meekness for thee aught.

Yerk me to weal daut',
Sweven nor Muse
Wad taw me to this ruddy hue 
Wark aptly my drear,
Brings the dusty silver
I wad gae my coatie
For the dusty Miller.
They've already been immersed in the wad 

The wind is howling and the sea is boiling down 
The mind is the water, the mind is the water 
Cause it's
In your mouth, a wad of cash
Moist roll of hundreds
Fingers through your hair
Silver quarters drop to your pleaded skirt

Canisters of whipped
surprised me with her tongue
But her surprise was waitin' there between my cheek and gum

Copenhagen, what a wad of flavor
Copenhagen, you can see it in
Will she break my heart
And wad it up and throw it in my face
I knew I'd find a nice girl someday
Find a nice girl

Settle down
Someone I can talk
moving out
Neighborhood's getting better and I'm moving out

Oh, I got drugs
They'll blow your mind
Blow your wad tonight

Well, I wanna be stained
Yeah, I
Lady Sleep, please kiss me sweetly
Throw me in a wad of cotton wool
And close my eyes, so I can see
Will you breast-feed with bewitching silence
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
(wad up I see you baby)
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
You feelin'
And bring in a foldin' wads of wonderous waddy for my little wienies
And they come in to my blackberry jim jam in the pantry and get them all over
can't be far away

Old tight wad down the street is a buying candy
To pass out to the neighbor kids at play
The town is on the go and the weather man says
Fast cars and guitars to play
Who cares about the price we pay
Good jobs for big wads to spend
It's the priorities of this selfish world we live in
a stranger said hello
Christmas can't be far away

Old tight wad down the street is buying candy
To pass out to the neighbor kids at play
The town is
Something awful happened to this child
An unholy wad of smegmated gestation
Jelly-like and squirming retarded heap
No arms

No legs
No head
I need a second just to catch my breath
I need a second wind to blow my wad
I'll play the second fiddle second best oh
Shang lang lang

Down at the dogs the bets are placed 
A wad of notes rolled in a hand 
The floodlit track is center stage 
For winning hounds to take the stand
Again, again that tender part, 
That I may catch thy melting art; 
For surely that wad touch her heart 
Wha kills me wi' disdaining. 
Say, was thy
and filthy sex
An overloaded gun

Discipline and bondage
Leather mask and nuns
A topless girl
A string of pearls
A wad of bubble cum

our batch end am I just a big wad blow? Yeah yeah
Gypsy woman's passion, said I'm not gonna let you go
What'd I say, anyway, let's get on with it
Pocket contents: Rizla pack, spare change, receipts in wads
Stacked in camps across my desk, each day another pile
Time was measured in balls
churches and blowing my wad 
Quakin' beneath me, the ground that I own 
A frozen moment that I'll always call home 
Bats, in the belfry 
Bats, in