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Wasp (Shaun Cassidy) · Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2) (XTC) · Wasp (Shaun Cassidy)

Queen wasp go
Dive in warrior wasps
Queen wasp go

Go, go, go, go
Human-looking from the thorax up
Human stomach and a tiny waist
My God we're
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this love?

Lost Madonna of the Wasps
I wonder where we crossed
I wonder why she lost me

Lost Madonna
a wasp nest, you're a wasp nest.

Your eyes are broken bottles
And I'm afraid to ask
And all your wrath and cutting beauty
You're poison in the pretty
Is this love?
Is this love?
Is this, is this, is this love?
Lost Madonna of the wasps, 
I wonder where we crossed
I wonder why she lost me
Hoping and smoking
That's what I keep hoping

That broken and smoking
That's what I keep coping

Gotta wake up and notice
Wasp in the Lotus
vision hover wasps
air and glower fill our veins
heavy mining under the fall
figures forming stretching on
She said, these wasp's nests in your head
These wasp's nests, these terminals in your head
These heart swells, these contacts in your head
And the wasps, they will fly

I will be able to sleep again
I will be able to be with you again
And when I do I have the bestest dreams
About tanks
Each little wasp that stings,
He made their brutish venom.
He made their horrid wings.

All things sick and cancerous,
All evil great and small,
I've been stung by the wasp

So come to me
No sense of restraint
So come for me

Come with me and disappear without a trace
Criminal, in how I
I've been stung by the wasp

So come to me
(No sense of restraint)
So come for me

They come with me and disappear without a trace
Criminal, in
of the wounded
Beg, beat or steal from whomever he chooses 

Wooooh Ooooooh 

Worker wasp familiar infact
Three sided needle illiterate cats
Sound pushed us down

If Heaven and Hell
Were both in the same place
Would fences appear
If all the wasps were devils
And bees were the angels

We'd bat
Wingless wasp, the velvet ant.
The cow on slanted land settles
to the lower most corner of the pen.
Chicken wire and it's either side
for a wasp without a sting 
Tell all my friends back home 
That I did it on my own 
And that to their well-worn cares they should cling 

When you
Boll weevils in your cotton
And dirt-dauber busy building a nest
The red wasp's gonna swoop down and get ya child
Won't give you a minutes rest
your escape in the heartland 
Of product and demand when you feel like a wasp in the swarm 
You gotta get away anyway that you can
were the center
The perfect opposite of, of what you asked for

It's not just one way
A negative factor
With all of these wasps out
I'd better take
is broken
Drops into your lap
And the big red wasp
Makes a scan through
My black pages

Last night, our boy was out there
Burning up his matches
all alone
No one knows those things I do
Dancing on all of those
Sheep have all gone from the meadow
The sheep have all gone from the forest
flies and rats are running around
The floor is covered with slime and bats are flying around
It?s in the hands of a bunch of deranged criminals

The wasps
breath on the face of the door

Oh I am not quite sleeping
Oh I am fast in bed
There on the wall in the bedroom creeping
I see a wasp with her wings
Over your window you think I'm confused
I'm waiting for the divergent wasp
To complete my current ruse
You use a plate-glass screen
As the moon had all our brushes 

Extracting wasps from stings in flight 
Who killed Mr. Moonlight? 
Who killed Mr. Moonlight 
In the shadow of his smile
and waiting
now he's just around the corner

Paranoia backward whispering on my shoulder
like a wasp is getting nervous, so if I shiver man, it's over