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me dy ron my nek
Thars a dang ana ding doo itan beegon

Shee kina sitn wita ly dou fang
Let it ang wit a itin imin babee
Ide oln lee pak da thangs
c'mon, c'mon!

With it with it one mo' 'gin, petey back in this bitch (ha!)
Wit-a wit-a wit-a new-new damn flow that's sick
Get ready to change it
niespokojna noc znów wita mnie
Jeszcze raz nasmiewa sie I kpi,
Ze trace tylko czas
Juz dawno rozszedl sie przechodniów tlum
Za oknem miasto sklada sie do snu
along the shore
With her sun baked skin, but her heart was sore
Stumbled on an island lover wita coconut cure
Put a smile on her face and let her
better watch your back!

Sadistically sparkin' the "Sife?"
Run up on your squadrin wit'a knife
And bring the lyrics sheet from a carcass album
new deal, cat. truck wita new grill
It's a reunion nigga, wit Dru Hill

And I still get my drink on, loud and buzzin
Def Jams own, Pootey Tang's
Jackson ta don
Power failure, let's get powerfully
Let's get one ting clear, MC wit'a pussy
But I'm not be fuck wit, I'm not to be dissed
shoes cost a grand

and she choose 'cause sh** I'm the man

better get wit'a b****

that can pop a rubberband

capped wita gat
Let em' know where they at
(Welcome to the Bay)
Back to back benzs and lacs
Real macks pimp bitches on tracks
Real thugs get riches
slide through
Could you funk wit'a nigga wit' a resume
Rich'll never play
And every rapper can't come this way
So when I come bow down
100% I
the sheets
On the down low freak
Now baby jump on me

Now baby jump up on dis pony
I'm dealin' wita freak and I'm feelin' horny
Ride me up and down, side