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praises unto him
For he's worthy

Wor-thy ,wor-thy, wor-thy, wor-thy
Worthy is the lamb
Worthy is the lamb
Welcome to my wor-orld
Won't you come on i-in
We're here to have some fun
How long, has it been
Step into my wor-orld
Leave you're cares
You gave me a castle and a princess
And I was the wor-orld's proudest queen
But then came the dragon in the bottle
And I watched as it slowly slayed
to you
As you give the wor-orld in you-ou
To me...
The world ain't yours yeah
The wor-or-or-or-orld (the wor-or-or-or-old)
Better prepare for war
Better prepare for war
Better prepare
Will still be hear-eard 
Woh, I believe that someone 
In the great somewhere-ere
Hears e-every wor-ord 
Every time I hear
A newborn baby
were tough in Geordieland
We got wor tools and working gear
And humped it all from Newcastle to here

Why aye man, why aye, why aye man
Why aye man,
You'd leave me 
For somebody new-ew

Oh why do I let myself worry
What in the wor-orld 
Did I do-oo-oo-oo-oo

I'm crazy
schon wors um mi gschehn
Your sweet little thing
In mir mochts dingelingeling
Wenn I nur in deiner Nähe bin
Host mir den Kopf verdraht
I griag di
Niemand im Leb'n hat so viel für wen geb'n, wie du für mi geb'n host.

Ower i hobs net gsehn, weil wos andere wichtiger wor.

Du worst wunderbor
Don't give up and don't give in
Strength to rise up, strength to win
Strength to save the wor(l)d from losing

Rage Hard, into the light
Rage Hard,
on und saufen um die Wette.
Am Zentralfriedhof is' Stimmung, wia's sei Lebtoch no net wor,
weu olle Tot'n feiern heite seine erscht'n hundert Johr'.
of Park Avenue
Respectable folks don't know-ow-ow
Hungry eyes take in the view
Of the wor-orld that lay-ays them low-ow
Too many years on a welfare line
a Fleurop Werbespott.

Neulich am Flughafen bin i verhaftet wor'n,
weil in mei'm Wecker da war Kokain
I hab's erst gar net packt, dann is mer a Licht
Fan sing, lau tung
Wor nei, tung lou
Chung pat seong sik
Hoi chi sam jip kan
Mak mak yi jan ji toi yen
Yen sang, yue mung
Pang yau, yue mou
who-ole wide wor-orld to fear me-ee
When my love's a ragin' river-her
And you trapped it in your ha-a-hands

Sweet darlin', ju-ust this one ti-i-hime
standing right in front of me 
Speakin' words of wisdo-om, let it be

Let it be, oh let it be-ee
Whisper wor-ords of wisdom
Oh let it be

sing for the ladies C'MON
Oh my god

(Jack Skat)
It's start and a flip florp. Fiddily flort or shiky weh wor wikky witty wow.
Shaguh guh wa. Shaguh
Elephants is unagreed, wo-wo-wo-wor to succeed

A-a-aphrodisiac, gives you a a a heartattack
Don't do nothing, just relax, I'll be your aphrodisiac
a wiggly world now 
Wiggly world, a wiggly world 
Well I've been living in a wiggly world 
Wiggly world, a wiggly wor/d 
I got to tell you 
I've been
the way I am
I said I am what I a-a-am, I am just a man,
I was born into this wor-or-orld, Born into this world,
I said I am what I a-a-am, I am what I am,
out dat rhythm on a drum,
Beat out dat rhythm on a drum,
Beat out dat rhythm on a drum,
Dere's one big heart for all de wor'!
Beat me dat rhythm
A broken God from a rusty wor--ld
Sweetly mouth-touched an onyx gi--rl
Ginger Man, follow me home
Ginger Man, follow me home

I heard from her in Utah-ah
She told me about my dad
Told me how they wor-orked him hard
and a false sense of worth. 
Seek to achieve wor ldly desires, to be the kings, the kings of this Earth. 
Self righteous, selfish creation, imprisoned in