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It's like that y'all
Niggas'll crack y'all, attack y'all
W.T.C. kid, we back y'all!

[Cappadonna (Ghostface Killah)]
Yea, for real, for real
(Eh yo,
form, my mind's like anaconda
Never sore, forever see through over the trees
Eyes like a bird, jay bird, best seen and best heard
W.t.c. never sold out
W voit bouche bée, en direct à' TV
L'écroulement inouï du WTC
Y demande à Télésino de faire rouler en boucle la bobine
Pour que l'horreur ne fasse
was king for a second, I reigned, came with a different name
The W.T.C. family and more one

They applause when I make my entrance
I move on 'em
the agencies 
For ten long years, but I paid my fee 
Now I'm on the front line with W.T.C. 
Back me down these streets are still ill 
From Brownsville all
Need a second opinion? Ask your bitch
Walk through NYC to CPT
We 'bout blow up again like WTC
I changed the Benz sign to a crucifix
Onyx pull up with
to the plate
RZA create sounds of earthquakes
Make no mistake kid why'll just faking
Cross-over cats that love to eat bacon
WTC rush like Regan
Crush your
That G)
If you got endo (Spit That G)
If you got currency (Spit That G)
W.T.C. (Spit That G)
Say Spit That G (Spit That G)
Say Spit That G (Spit
motherfucker that's right, it's the W.T.C.
World Trade Center, Wu-Tang Clan
We brought so much heat that we was givin you tears an' shit
[Ron Isley
on the front of CD's, we off the hook
W.T.C. y'all soft and shook
Y'all not built like the Cuban Linx Clan that get CREAM
And back heads down every time we sing
real, WTC
No fake ass shit, don't front the Remy
Break bread, never have pockets empty
Let's get it, flip it up then we can spend it
The money train,
as far as it goes?

Sound about to go off on some real live
Wu shit, uh, huh
(WTC, Ghost-face)
Lemme give y'all the bullshit
Hook for y'all niggas, check



Lemme give y'all the bullshit hook for y'all niggas, check it out

[Chorus: Ghostface
real live Wu-shit, uh huh
Lemme give y'all the bullshit hook for y'all niggas, check it out...

The burners in the stash, we about
kids you talk to fast, I peal with math
WTC, world war predicate law, hundred percent raw
Rock the universal crown, all Wu-Wear down
Nobody jokin,