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fees and favours gone
Cracks in savers pass,
And a white that sometimes shone
(Beacon don't fly too high)
Wanton borrowed gun
Wanton borrowed gun
weighed, you have been found wanting

Been wondering for days
How you felt me slip your mind
Leave behind your wanton ways
I want to learn to love in
they say
I'd better change
Pick up my dough
Yes'n pay my own way
Fed up with hard times

Well in the land of desire
That wanton fire
of wanton vanity
So i must laddie think alone
Upon your insincerity.

go back to your father's garden
Go back and cry your fill
And think upon your sad misfortune
You brought on by your wanton will

That's not the promise
to get relief from
All this life that's filled with wanton tragedy

Just like a runaway with no escape zone
You'd think I'd find a way you'd think I'd
She stayed till the morning
Left with her soul intact
Something was forming
I asked her if she'd come back 
My restless heart beats like a wanton
take the bus,
With fees and favours gone
Cracks in savers pass,
And a white that sometimes shone
Wanton borrowed gun
Wanton borrowed gun

for the newborn sailor

Through aeons of time
Our eyes were smothered by the sun
Now even in the dark we see ...
Wanton light steers us no more
wanton sides, 
Sae brawlie's he could flatter; 
Till for his sake I'm slighted sair, 
And dree the kintra clatter: 
But tho' my back be at the wa',
outpouring of cash
Parade of pestilence
Parade of pestilence
Making profits from unfocused affection
Feeding parasites with wanton delight
Snapping grabbing
Cold eyes of fire
Talk to me
Stillborn desire
In the air I breathe
In our wanton spirits
I read
Nauseating rites
A face and heart I
Tell me I wanna know 
Is what you reap try what you sow 
Could there be infamy in all this ecstasy? 
What we all want: wanton autonomy 
Today is
Here she comes
Shame upon her lips
Come wanton spring
Come for birth you live
Youth takes it's bow before the summer the seasons bring
Waiting for
The sirens scream wanton attention 
Time to take heed and change directions 
Time to take stock and make omissions 

and fettered with her eye
Birds that wanton in the air know no such liberty
When flowing cups run swiftly round with no allaying THAMES
Our careless heads with
go home, to your father's garden
Go home and weep your fill,
And think upon your own misfortune
Which you bought with your wanton will.

hidden charms
Her voice is so soft, her love is so true
I think about her, that's all I do
She's weak and wanton in my arms
What moves me, darling, is
Monarch of the Sulphurous Empire
Arch Enemy of Heavens

Wanton enormity
From the flames of eternal fury
Delighting in blood
Armed with destruction & plagues
life on which so many rely 
Then dumping our shit to economise 
Wanton destruction 
Environment in regression 

All reverse into decline 
Kiss this
hidden charms

Her voice is so soft
Her love is so true
I think about her
That`s all I do
She`s weak and wanton
In my arms
What moves me darling
and splendors past the ken of mortal men
Every wanton bent desire went fulfilled

A Daemon sat upon the top of the world
Like a Herod over Genesis
she binned, it was not hurled
Slow motion for the English girl
"How disappointing wanton her"
Said the diamond mouth of the English girl
"I hoped for
The kimmer clash and caudle, O,
The waning moon the wanton loon
The cutty stool and cradle, O.

Douce dames wha hae their bairn-time borne
But keep your hands offa me


Murder takes a city's night
Feeding it's wanton flame
Come excite the streets with me
But don'tcha