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But I'm alive, I'm not dead

We have a 611 on highway 46 west of junction 7
A Porsche in the West hand lane
A man dead can you send some assistance 10-4

Verse 2

Now bow to the shadiest hood patrollin' west rollin'
7 figure nigga still hi fi growin'
Pistol holdin' bailin' with
y'all was still scared to use profanity
Now everybody want to run and go and get triggers
And blame it on these west coast seven-figure niggas
nobodys soul yet the devil keeps playing
and kicked out the heavens I rest on the seven
west of 85 if your chest type are warring
now is the mystery one
And blame it on these West Coast seven-figure niggas
Just because we made it real niggas got to deal
I hope blood ain't got to spill, I kill

It's like
Side Inglewood Family Gangsta Bloods
Now like Redrum said all dogs go to heaven
And that's on the 4 A-Block 9-Deuce to 7-7
West up Young Leak, Slow Mo,